There are many styles for Doodling...
Some are so elaborate that they can be considered as little sketches or small works of art, sometimes a subject prevails ... then there are those that follow no established rules and have that artistic energy that makes them unique.

What is the style that each and everyone of you does?
Do you plan the doodle before hand and execute the design with a sureness of line... or do you just follow your impulse and expression and let your hand roam free?

Looking forward to your replies :)

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When it comes to doodling, I prefer to let it flow freely without any preplanning. Therefore most of my doodles are abstract or whimsical in nature. But, once I start on a doodle, as it takes shape (whether it turns into an abstract or a whimsical creature, etc) I then sometimes start to make conscious decisions about what to add next and where. It depends on what else I'm doing, as I often doodle while multi-tasking.

I look forward to seeing people's doodles. This inspires me to get out my old sketchbooks and scan some of my more elegant and interesting doodles!

I am definitely spontaneous. I don't have any idea where it'll go; I simply start moving the pen. I always feel a bit apprehensive by doing this but I try not to overthink it because I have a tendency to 2nd guess myself a lot! Doodling is my way of letting go, decompressing, and tossing caution aside. Part of the enjoyment is merely enjoying the feel of the pen across the paper or seeing the black against the white. That visual sensation is what makes it enjoyable for me. I've never had to express this into words before so I'm glad you asked the question! Definitely made me think. :)

Hmm... you have both made me wonder and ponder on this process... not much of a doodler, unless I am on a very long conversation over the phone, or at a boring meeting ;)
Should try an unplanned doodle out :D

You beat me to this question, Anton!  I think I do a combination of things.  I not really a doodler the classic sense.  When I draw a doodle, it's because I sat down with the intent to draw a doodle.  But, I don't really plan anything out ahead of time, except that I may have a certain look that I'm interested in.  For example, I might be thinking that I want to create a design with lots or curves, or maybe organic shapes.  Other than that, I just sketch a framework and start filling in patterns making spontaneous design choices as I go.  I find it extremely relaxing.

I do both.  Most of the time it is an abstract doodle that takes form (and color) as I put pen to paper.  Occasionally I have a "theme" (usually for a project or challenge) that I want to doodle, instead of paint or collage.  I find that whatever method I start out with, my doodle reaches completion with an unexpected/unplanned twist!  :0)

When I create  my  "Artjumbles" there is no preplanning -I just let the creation flow -what happens after that is all spontaneous. The result is always an interesting design.I have begun to file them away for future use in my colorful abstract paintings. 


Sometimes I have to start on infill that is repetitive in the doodle and then that gets me into a state where the spontaneous flows effortlessly.  This can work in reverse also - depends on lots of things like mood, need to lose myself, or relax or pass time (I just realised from the zentangle swap that this was what I was sorta doing on a long flight and how it helped to pass the time and kept me relaxed when I got sick of watching movies).  Today I went out with the intent of tangling for half hour and then read and before I knew it I was hooked - 'I'll just finish this bit, this bit, .......' and it had been 2 hours :) 

I wonder if it could be helpful/appealing to those who have ADD etc

I love doing Dinner Plate Zentangles. I use the plate to get my circle, on a square sheet of paper. Then I find the centre and work from there. I use a compass and a small ruler and my imagination.

I don't plan...i am ADD and my brain is like "paisley"...hahaha.....I just go with the flow!!!

I start with a plan when I do my Dinner Plate Zentangles but then the doodle takes over......

spontaneous. and zentangles are amazing…

I've been doodling since 5th grade, and it became a regular part of my life in 6th grade as an extremely important part of keeping a science class notebook of science class notes.  As I have seen quite a few times on YouTube, many doodlers admit that doodling in an office meeting or during a class lecture actually concentrates their mind on listening more intently and better.  It is true -- something I learned about 40 (YIKES!  has it really been that long???!!??) years ago. 

Since 1996, when I had to describe my artwork style for a college class, I have called my style of doodling "Conscious Doodling."  Similar to what has become "Zentangle and Zen Doodle" but less concerned with filling in "areas" with different designs -- I just butt things together, side-by-side for an overall fill.  Sometimes I actually do draft out a design but generally, I work with an idea in mind but let the hand and pen go where it wants.  Clear as mud, huh?  :-D

Sometimes the initial lines are very random with intentional lines added ... Indian paisley, Arabian tilework, Japanese white work, MC Escher's tesseltions and Klimpt are among my many inspirations -- making Zen Doodler's and Tanlger's claims to "inventing" various designs almost laughable.  However, no disparagement is meant because these "inventors" have done something extremely helpful -- generally, they have broken down the designs into easy-to-follow steps to make and repeat the designs.



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