There are many styles for Doodling...
Some are so elaborate that they can be considered as little sketches or small works of art, sometimes a subject prevails ... then there are those that follow no established rules and have that artistic energy that makes them unique.

What is the style that each and everyone of you does?
Do you plan the doodle before hand and execute the design with a sureness of line... or do you just follow your impulse and expression and let your hand roam free?

Looking forward to your replies :)

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I hope no one minds that I jump in on an old conversation.

A while back I was really into Zentangles, then kind of stopped doing them for a while.  I realize now that there was a structured aspect of it that was a little restrictive for me.

Generally speaking it is about learning tangles that someone else has come up with and using them to make your own unique work.  So there was kind of a mix between spontaneity (using the patterns however you wanted) and rigidity.  Within the Zentangle community I was a part of, there was a pretty heavy emphasis on learning new tangles.  There seemed to be an element of bragging rights for how many tangles you knew.  There were also themes and monthly swap where you had to use specific tangles.

I still use some of my favorite tangles in my doodles, but I also make up patterns and variations.  I also vary from the standard Zentangle format by leaving blank space as a design element.  And I incorporated some other abstract art elements in them too.  I suppose I could call my work “Zentangle inspired” but I am not sure if I want to or not.  It seems the term is used overly broadly for anything with a repeated pattern.  Thaneeya’s work could be called Zentangle inspired, but I notice she chooses not to use the term.  Of course I have seen thousand year old pottery that could be called Zentangle inspired, if not for the little detail of it predating Zentangle by quite a bit.

I think it might be more accurate to say I am inspired by the things that inspire the people who created Zentangle.  I have long been a fan of art, architecture and design.  I am drawn to art that as a strong repetitive design element to it.  I am also drawn to ornate buildings and decorative work in benches, gates, etc.   I have worked in Washington DC surrounded by museums and fancy buildings for around 17 years. 

Although I had been doing doodle art since I was in High School - a looong time ago, I hadn't really been doing much doodling until recently. When I used to doodle, it was usually the absent-minded kind - like when you should be listening to the teacher or talking on the phone. But I've recently begun to incorporate it into my other non abstract drawings- adding patterns to the sky, for instance. So really my doodling is more deliberate now, but I don't always know where it's going to go - I generally just start doodling and go with the flow!

I usually start doodling when I'm bored, so I never know what it will be until I put the pen/ pencil down. It could be anything...from a face/figure to a Karoo landscape with sheep roaming around (that only I notice and because that is where I would REALLY prefer to be). It's always a "don't think, just do" session and my thoughts are usually completely in a different direction when I start scribbling. :-D

I have always loved doodling because it is so easy and doesn't require any talent. I believe that anyone can doodle and express themselves through a doodle. I do not plan my doodles in detail. However ideas come to my head, for example patterns that I would like to include or a combination of colors that I would like to try out. When it comes to actual doodling then I improvise and go with the flow. I like to listen to music while doodling and this can help me create a certain mood.

I look for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, however sometimes I find it disturbing to look at doodles done by others because i feel like I lose sense of self in a way and I begin to recreate what I have seen on Pinterest instead of coming up with my own ideas. Ideally i would not look too much for inspiration at other people's work. Patterns on the walls etc are a good source of inspiration for me personally, not so much work of others. 

I start off spontaneous. I just start drawing a shape or form. By the time I feel it is complete I realize how structured it is.



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