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You're art room looks really neat and immaculate.
Nice works you have there :)

I really like your work.  You are so fortunate to have an art room.  I am hoping for more room when I move.  This place is just to tiny and the mold is getting to me.  It is hard to find a place here this time of the year. Soon it will be very cold and it is freezing in here as termites have about eaten the floor so the cold air comes in like a window open.  Therefore I would be so thrilled to find a place with at least a little extra room.  Things are packed so I just keep up with what everyone else is doing.  I am hoping to have a place for a standing easel also.  I think I could make a wooden one if I have a place to do it...........Maggie

Hey Maggie,
It's not the art room but the passion you have to create (and the patience others have in respecting your desires to fill all the spaces with art/craft material) :)
Too bad about the termites! Do you have sudden temperature drops?

My room is part of the basement at my colleague's house... so sometimes I have to be extra careful of my limits.
We live on a rock, surrounded by sea... so we have high levels of humidity, salty-air, pretty sunshine, and cold winds - we need to control the interior environment to work & protect the art-materials sometimes (otherwise pencils get broken/blunt, metal rusts, paint takes forever to dry, acrylic dries in the tubes, canvases get moldy, etc etc)
Very little termites since our houses are built from stone - but plenty centipedes and woodlice...
Eventually, am hoping to have a place of my own...

But, yes, I agree, a place dedicated solely to experimentation and random outbursts of creativity.
I'm sending you some luck to find the perfect place to suit your needs
+ some Maltese rays of sunshine for you to have an awesome day (today temperature is 82F - so much more to spare)

Thank you both. This is the first time that I have had the space to have an art room of my own. We bought our home two Anton beautifully put...Maggie years We bought our house 2 1/2 years ago and it has a fourth bedroom that I use so at age 63, I finally have a little retreat. I managed before because art comes from within. It's like a light in our soul that's bursting to come out, so anywhere there is a space to put together your color palette is where your expression can translate onto whatever your canvas may be. I pray your special place will be in your next residence. I wish you much luck. Sincerely, Beverly

Thank you Bevrely.  I hope so to.  I can barely turn around in here.  My art and sewing supplies are still packed somewhere.  Glad I didn't unpack them with having to move again.  I had a little shop when I had my house, but lost it in divorce.  It was nice to have a special place to paint.  I sure miss having it.  Had a sewing/computer room also.  I am 66 and health is not too good.  Painting, crafting and sewing helped me make it through cancer and chemo.  Unfortunately chemo did heart damage so it has slowed me down a lot.  I am hoping to get back to it soon....Maggie

Love your landscapes, Beverly. Serene view that many of us would like to escape into sometimes. Art itself is a wonderful retreat that can heal our souls and help us recover from even physical ailments somewhat, is what I believe. I am blessed to have a wonderful space to paint and do whatever I please. Love that I can spread all out and not have to always put it away.

First, My art area should look so neat ...LOL    You do great work! :)

Thank you so much everyone! I spent most of the day today trying to get it organized! It gets messy fast because when I paint I am so focused on the canvas, I lay things all over.  

Great paintings! They make you want to actually be there. Beautiful colors! 

Love the painting spaces some of you have.  This place would be perfect if it was a little bigger.  There are huge windows in all of the rooms.  It is piled with boxes all over right now. I have no place to paint. I have a card table somewhere, but don't know where I would put it if I found it.

Yes, Anton, we have temperature drops.  It has been in the 50's at night, but tonight it is supposed to be 34 degrees, then warm up again  in a couple of days.  When it is in the 30's  I really freeze especially my feet and legs.  It is actually colder here right now than it should be. The are talking about a bad winter for us.  I am dreading it.

Beverly J Raffaele said:

Thank you so much everyone! I spent most of the day today trying to get it organized! It gets messy fast because when I paint I am so focused on the canvas, I lay things all over.  



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