Hi friends of Art Colony,

I pray you are all well. I am hoping you will all join me in celebrating our wonderful , sometimes funny, cute, wild, dangerous and every other kind of animal that we celebrate this May.

Please show your support in any way that you can. Let the artist in you out and croak , cluck and tweeet away.

Happy June my Friends.  This month has lots of fun and celebrations for animals all around the world.

Especially Zoo and Aquarian.  Hope you will try all different kind of mediums for this topic.

National Animal Rights Day: 3rd June: Paint or draw any kind of animal you love as many as you want, the more the merrier.

Hug your cat Day: 4th June: We all love cats, they are so cute especially kittens, so have fun and share your love.

International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos: 8th June We need lots of Love for these most beautiful animals.  Just think of their horrible lives in a zoo when they are animals that roam far and wide and how frustrating it must be to be cooped up in a zoo with no space while free people stand and ogle.

National Black Cow Day 10th June: Cows are so cute in a funny sort of way especially in paintings, so MOOO over and add your contribution of a black cow.  You could try a negative painting.

World Sea Turtle Day: 14th June There is nothing more special than a turtle swimming underwater then making its way to the beach to lay its eggs in the sand. 

American Eagle Day 20th June I hope you will all be flying your beautiful birds in colours.

Animal Rights Awareness Week: 17th-23rd June Try to paint or draw, an animal of your choice that  is most deserving of notice in this category.  Think along Lab animals, Zoo animals,  critically endangered animals etc..

Fish are Friends 24th-30th June:  There is so much to choose from, I hope and pray you will bring a splash of colour to this week with something delightfully fishy.

National Pollinator Week: 18th June-24th, All those beautiful species of butterflies and bees and all other animals that help in the pollination of flowers and plants.

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Hi Sharon, nice to have you here and yes of course you can.  Post away my friend.  All the animals love chatting to each other here and we love to feed them carrots and seeds.

That's great.Having trouble posting and will be back as soon as I figure the problem out.

Sandi Vince said:

Hi Sharon, nice to have you here and yes of course you can.  Post away my friend.  All the animals love chatting to each other here and we love to feed them carrots and seeds.

Work by; Permalink Reply by sharon oppenheimer 

hi Sharon, Wow how beautiful is this.  Super work.  I see you having a problem with uploading.  Would you like me to upload it for you>. Best way to upload it is through the 'reply to discussion;.  Definitely need to see your work here in the open and all proudly boasting as it stunning.

Love the design and striking colour.


Thank you Sandi. This is my offering for Flamingo Day. These are my favourite birds. I just love their colour and grace. I have been to visit a large wild colony about a 2 hours drive away from where I live. So beautiful to watch but very stinky if you get too close. LOL

Sharon this was such a happy beautiful piece for Flamingo day.  I am going to be posting the new month animals celebrations and I am hoping you will send more of you beautiful works.  Laughs, I can just imagine how stinky they are all in a crowd.  We have them near our hometown in South africaand would always go at sunset as they would all gather on a salt lake.  Strange, as I am sure the water was not so nice to drink.  But my father loved to see them when the sun set, the pink against the beautiful sunsets.



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