Jambo(Hello in swahili) friends of Art Colony,

I am Sandi your Game Guide and we will be heading out on a Wild African Safari, where you will meet the Birmingham Coalition of Lions, Thandi the leopard and her cub Tlalamba and many other wonderful animals of Juma in Southern Africa.

Only one two cautions.  Do not hang your feet outside this jeep and absolutely no swimming in the dams.

We will also be travelling to Maasai Mara and enjoying  the migrations and animals, the Cheetas and and plethora of other Wild and wonderful animals.

All you need to bring on this Safari, is your paints, pens, pencils, pastels, brushes, scrap metal, digital and a lot of Mosquito spray.

A little inspiration for your journey( you may use the snapshots, they are my own), you will meet Thandi and her cub.  This was taken in January 2018.

So to start the Safari, we will be going by the Dam where I am sure we will see, Hippos, Elephants, Giraffe and Big cats.

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Safari Dreams

What a loving family !

Sandi Vince said:

One can never tire with elephants.  They have personality, especially the young.  They so funny and cute.  This is one I did some time back, but plan to revisit the animals again.

Rubbing my eyes as we start up again and drive up through the path, when I hear trumpeting, but my eyes begin to deceive my view.  "Am I dreaming?, I call out, "Is this real... Do you see w-w-w-what I see?"  I watched the other Safarian guests.  Their own faces were stooped in the same shock that I was in.  We sat there with our mouths hanging open, giving the flies free range, as we stared.... "A ZEBRA ELEPHANT!". " A ZEBRA ELEPHANT!" I kept repeating over and over again.

Then in unprepared unison, we all went "WOW! WOW! WOW!, Is that even possible?  I looked over at Sharon. "Have you been sleepwalking again with your paintbrush?".  We both laughed.

"He is beautiful, I cannot deny that and I am sure very special in the herd or a loner... I wonder if he makes zebra noises.... I see his tail constantly flicking the flies.

" I am sure that the zebra that fathered this elephant must have been really brave, though I do wonder how he got up so high.  Perhaps he was standing on a very high Termite mound.... It is a miracle.  A beautiful miracle!"

We could not stop staring and videos and cameras were clicking like crazy.  But Zebre-lephant, was lapping it all up, enjoying the new found exposure at his miracle plight.

I even noticed then how the beautiful starling bird looked on, and for once not eating at the fruit or making a noise.  He was beautiful to look at, as the sun caught a shimmer of his iridescent plumes, of blues and blacks.  Quite a spectacle! we were having out on Safari today.

Beautiful work Sharon, just repeating how much I like your work here as I wrote it into my story passage.  I like your style.  What kind of bird is it? A lark.  I called it a starling because of the irridescent plumes.

sharon oppenheimer said:

Beautiful vision and love the layers you have used to create a realistic abstract.  Very interesting.

sharon oppenheimer said:

Safari Dreams

Thank you ,Sandi. This is one of a two page art journal. Where does the safari go from here?

As we headed up lion's avenue, we noticed the Franklin's  and the squirrels making quite a racket.  They warn other animals that there is a predator hunting in the area and they do not stop until the predator leaves.

Further down the road, we see a leopard slinking down as low as possible.  We stop not wanting to disturb nature.  It looks like Hosana, a young male leopard who was orphaned and has been having to hunt his own food.  He had to learn fast.  There were many days, when we thought he would not make it.  But he has surprised all of us.  Not only does he know how to hunt, he knows how to hunt for big prey and not just scrub hares.

Wow What magnificent animals !!



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