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You may also comment on other people's artwork, but remember to keep it friendly and constructive.  If you like a piece, please explain why.

Can't wait to see your sketches!

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To start us off:

These are a selection of my sketches done in an A6 sketchbook, which lives in my handbag. They were done over several visits to a hospital and during exams at work. I usually use a Staedtler Pigment Liner, but any pen will do. I rarely sketch in pencil as I like the commitment to the drawing you get with pen.

Comments welcome on everything I post.

It's nice to see your sketches, Sue. Sketching with pen does have a different feel than sketching in pencil. I usually like the safety net of knowing I can erase any mistakes ;) but there is a different quality of attention when sketching in pen, knowing that the lines cannot be erased.


Here's a sketch I did a few months ago on my trip to New Zealand:


I only had a 2B pencil and a black pen with me. I started the sketch in pencil but found that the pencil wasn't really enough to create enough contrast, so I started outlining the sharper edges in black ink.  That seemed to do the trick - it brought more definition to certain things, while leaving other areas (such as the trees) more hazy.

I wish I had more time for sketching from real life, because I feel it does heighten my perception of my surroundings.  After drawing this, I knew the landscape much more intimately.

Comments welcome on everything I post as well.

This is lovely Thaneeya, you have created fab contrasts as you intended.  A "heighten my perception of surroundings", I think that's because we have to really look at our subject as opposed to taking a quick photo to store away.

The scene reminds me of Southern Chile, have you been?

Hi Sue, I didn't see your comment til just now, sorry!  I agree, we really do see things differently when we look at them closely and study all their visual features. 

I haven't been to Chile at all, but it sounds like you have?  I look forward to visiting S. America someday.

S Am is awesome! Yes, Chile, also Peru and a bit of Boliva so far. I want to see more, but my priority for now is to see more of Africa.



This is a quick sketch of Rudolph Valentino in sepia-sanguine pencils on Canson Bristol pad 9x12in. Done for a challenge.



Great sketch Elena. I like your use of colours.

thank you so much, Sue.


Sue Pownall said:

Great sketch Elena. I like your use of colours.
HI Elena, your sketch is wonderful. I like the dramatic highlights on each side of his face. You did a great job!
This was completed using a graphite pencil in my sketchbook. It's my running cap and companion of more than 4 years. This cap has seen more and done more than some of my favorite shoes.For instance,  it participated in Disney's Princess Half Marathon!!

janet.claffey said:    
I like your sketch, Janet. You've drawn your cap very well. It's neat to hear how this cap has been everywhere with you. It certainly has a 'well-loved' look to it!
Great sketch Janet. As Thaneeya said, you have captured how it has worn and been cared for well.



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