Has anyone looked into or used any of these on line art exhibitors?


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Haven't heard of it...will check it out tomorrow. So far I was using Facebook (which I have left, but is was actually quite successful) and the other stuff like Google+, Artfinder, etc are completely useless so far.

I took a look...I have considered ETSY but I don't know how effective it is. I don't really know about the other sites

That website is old info created in 2011... some of it is relevant, but look into this 2014 list.  I personally sell through Fine Art America.  I know of many people who sell through the other sites, but I'm not familiar with them personally and the fact that I sell photos as well, I'm very concerned with copyright security including selling copies of paintings. Originals are much trickier as there are scams and cons one has to be aware of and concerned with... always check any sales site out, know exactly how they work, how secure they are, any expenses, and how much data are they keeping on you. Best of luck.  If nothing else, these sites have a lot of fabulous images to look at....

Amazon Art: http://www.amazon.com/art-paintings/b?ie=UTF8&node=6685277011

eBay: http://www.ebay.com/rpp/collectibles-art/

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/

DeviantART: http://www.deviantart.com/

500px: http://www.500px.com/

Zazzle: http://www.zazzle.com/

CafePress: http://www.cafepress.com/

Redbubble: http://www.redbubble.com/

Fine Art America: http://www.fineartamerica.com/

Creative Market: https://www.creativemarket.com/

Threadless: http://www.threadless.com/

Society6: http://www.society6.com/

Tx for the info Patrick. Is Fine Art America exclusively for American artists? I assumed it was, so I didn't really look into it.

Patrick, I knew there was someone out there with the information at his fingertips.  Thanks for posting these links.  I'll definitely investigate.  You know, you never know if your art will sell unless you try.

Hi Elmarie... Fine Art America is also known as www.pixels.com and they are global with on/off switches to include or exclude specific general markets (like China, Australia, Europe, etc.). It costs $30 a year for membership, however, with membership you get a website to use, mine as an example is www.patrick-witz.artistwebsites.com, and easy connections to a number of social networks (optional), and availability of promotional materials that are downloadable. Some customers purchase through Fine Art America / Pixels while others make contact for specific images. FFA/Pixels do not offer capabilities to sell originals, however, they allow the artists to upload an image of the original, allow notation of availability, and the asking price... but all negotiations are separate from FFA / Pixels, so be cautious of scamers, they're everywhere. Oh, if you do use them, make sure you upload a high resolution image for clear visibility/sellability.  Best of luck.

I have had good success with Etsy and Ugallery.  Etsy is easy to set up shop; but it took a while to get it going good.  I sell mostly portraits there.

Ugallery is just like a regular gallery as far as you have to submit your work to be approved.  They have about 500 artists.  I have been selling about 1 painting a month on Ugallery since starting with them; and have had 1 person contact me that saw me there for custom work.

I tried Fine Art America; and was on there for more than a year; but never sold anything there.

Hi, Pandalana, this was very helpful.  I've seen your art and I can see why you are having success.  Nice stuff.

I have a Deviant Art account I don't use. I have not tried selling on that site but it is not easy to navigate or find things. I have also heard they have copyright ownership issues.  Wouldn't recommend it.

I often look for art on Saatchi but I have never used it from the seller side of things it so I don't know what hurdles you may encounter there. 


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