On fishing trip when going to see how people were doing you go in low so as not to spook the fish and were often confronted with an almost full moon. One friend never seemed able to hike his trousers up so every so often I would take him something from my bait box to drop down his reat cleavage, he got the message in the end as he started wear a bib and braces when fishing with me ..perhaps it was that last big lob worm that cured him or possibly the frog

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Comment by Pat on Monday

Good one Paul...lol

Comment by John R on Monday

Would only take one time of dropping a frog down your friends drawers to cure him for sure...haha 

This made me laugh Paul and well painted with a great palette too. 

Comment by Mary Rogers on Monday

lol. Funny one, Paul!

Comment by Paul Dodd on Monday

Thanks . It was at a fishing clubs lake and there had been a mention in the last club meeting minutes  about  a  dress code as there were lady members . One person in the hot weather stripped down to a very baggy pair of y fronts and and there was dave with his low slung rear. I will admit one lady did go the long way around the lake a look very hard  through the lakeside bushes and  reeds just to be able to complain. We  told dave what we were doing  was for his own good.

Comment by Harry13 on Monday

L O L Paul.    H

Comment by Mairi McLeod on Monday

Loving the bum crack Paul it's hilarious !

Comment by Paul Dodd on Monday

Thank you. We  had a man who was the same  in our workshop . For years as people walked past him they'd  dropped nuts, bolt , and washers in and he  even got the occasional  squirt of oil from a oil can as people  walked past to jobs.

One man was coming back from our stores with a packet of hacksaw blades and without thinking dropped one  in, Pete whipped it out and got a cut  in the cleavage. .

I took pete to the medical  and as pete was very hairy the nurses had to shave him to put on a dressing. One nurse had to walk away , another  was shoving a hanky in her mouth to stop laughing  out loud.. The next day pete came in wearing a boiler suite 

Comment by Dorothy Macready on Monday

Hi Paul.  Another good painting.  Love the story of the "brickies bum" as we say in these parts.  My husband who was a keen game fisherman used to wear chest waders so he was covered up and did not show his rear end - not even to the little fishes or all the big fishes including the once that got away!!! which were enormous!!!

Comment by Paul Dodd on Monday

I've  always  like a warm covered up back otherwise i got backache. You saying about brickies or as we called it down here builders bum .  I saw a video where some builds poured some quick drying filler  down the crack  and it started setting very quickly  and it wasn't  easy clearing the blockage 

Comment by John Andreou on Monday

LOLOLOL - You cracked me up again Paul!!! 


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