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Drawing of a couple of Navy Helldivers from WW2.
Oct 13, 2019
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Just finished this , this morning. F-4 Phantom
Aug 11, 2019
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At 9:50am on January 30, 2015, Cathey E. DeRosa said…

Oh Jason. I am super impressed. I had to really study "your" tank.What an ominous machine.  I have such a soft heart for Vietnam Vets as that was my era. Lost some friends in that one. I am glad you are here. This had to have special meaning for you. I can't imagine what you men went through. Is there some sort of catharsis in finishing a piece such as this?

Yes, moving to a cracker box has it's good points/bad points. I have such severe arthritis and other health issues that I have to get away from the stairs at my mother's house. I will still come over and take care of her, minus the stairs. My sister has to pitch in more than she has in the past and we have a lady that comes in once a day to help, also. I hate to leave her, but it cannot be helped. I qualified for gov't housing; no problemo! Unfortunately, my crafts/supplies are the BIG problem. If I didn't have that, I'd have no problem.Well, maybe a bit of one. But, I am a very diversified crafter, thus there is my problem. I will have containers stacked to the ceiling. The apt. is 525 sq. ft. I bet you didn't plan on downsizing that much!. Haha!

Am anxious to see your next work. Always something to look forward to.

Take care, Cathey

At 5:24am on January 23, 2015, Cathey E. DeRosa said…

Jason, I haven't been on the site in so long and now am moving to a cracker box of an apt. but at least won't have stairs. I will check as often as I can.

Have you done anything within the last month that I've missed. I love your pieces. You have some style that is similar to Mark Bedwell, but you certainly put your own style to each work. Amazing material. The WWII works touch my heart because my Dad was in the Battle of the Bulge and a long time soldier in that war. Found out more about his activities and experiences the closer he came to dying. Heart wrenching stuff. He was in the 103rd or Cactus Division. Not too many left. I went to a couple of reunions with him and they were such eye openers, tear jerkers, history lessons and the study of the emotional impact of the men who were willing to open their hearts to us.

Hope all is well with you. As you can see, I'm not a good correspondent. I'm sorry. I hope you are making all sorts of friends on AC. Take care and God bless, Cathey

At 8:28am on October 26, 2014, Cathey E. DeRosa said…

Thanks for wanting to be another friend. As I said, I love the people on this site and am eager to get to know you.  Your art fascinates me and I think of my father every time I look. He and I really got into the infantry part of WWII. My father was a Sargent in the 103rd Division. He was pulled into Battle of the Bulge and was connected with the 11th Army or something like that. I'd have to look it up in the book we put together again. He didn't even know he was in the "Bulge" until afterward. I'm thinking most of them didn't know what it was called, but they sure knew the extent of it. The stories he told us toward the end of his life, he never shared before. I could see how his experiences shaped some of his life and personality. How can anyone come out of any war and be sane?

I see you have added more pieces. Just saw the Edmund Fitzgerald. Loved the story which brought on the song. How nice of you to do this for a friend.

You know, it's not just the war pieces, but the portraits, flowers, fruit, peppers, totem.... your detail stuns me. And to look at the plane propellers and they look as if they are moving, WOW! How impressive. Well, I am glad we are friends and I just keep complimenting away as I do so many on this site. We have some wonderful artists, don't we? And the people, well, I hope you get more friends who are fun, kind, helpful, etc. I know you will be able to teach all of us something at sometime. I am happy to meet you. Cathey or you can call me Cath if you like. Mark does.

At 6:04am on October 8, 2014, Cathey E. DeRosa said…

Wow, Jason. I just looked at your art work because I saw all the comments from Mark Bedwell. Another amazing artist who blows me away. You go from war planes, to trains, totem poles, portraits, tanks, maps, to flowers, plants, peppers!! You are something else.I think my favorites are the tanks on the maps. I am so interested in WWII, the war in the Islamic countries and Vietnam, since that was my generation. Have  you done a tank on Vietnam, possibly? You're clever, precise and your emotions come through loud and clear. I'm not sure if you're new or not, but I'm Cathey DeRosa. Been on here, for I'm not sure; maybe a year. I'm not an artist, I'm a crafter. I think I'm the only one on here, but that's okay. I can't draw worth a dang, but good at other things. I'm glad I can be on here. The people on this site are amazingly friendly, encouraging and I have a lot of fun with some of the people on here. It's honestly one of the most fun things I've ever been involved with, and I ain't young, either!! Good to know ya, Cathey

At 1:49pm on August 4, 2013, Richard Tully. said…

 Hi Jason, thanks for your comments,and your art, excellent I'm soft on portrait's but your work, so diverse.great.

At 11:06pm on March 12, 2013, Michael Beckett said…

hi Jason

thanks for the comments and the likes! :o)

I just wanted to follow up on your comment about acrylics on w/c paper...

i don't paint acrylics on paper much anymore because i can't be bothered going to the trouble of framing them under glass lol! but you can certainly do it!

stretched the w/c paper by taping it onto a wooden board with masking tape, then sprayed it with water and let it dry thoroughly. I also applied a coat or 2 of gesso usually. the paint goes on much smoother. heavier w/c paper works best (300 lb), but i have also used 140 lb paper. if you work very wet, the paper will buckle, depending on how heavy your paper is. if you are thinking economy, just picking up the cheap w/c paper pads works well if you are patient with the lighter weight.

hope this helps! :o)

great gallery btw... love the planes... reminds me of my model building days!


At 4:20am on January 29, 2013, Ken Beaty said…

In reviewing your work, I think it is fantastic. 

At 6:59pm on December 9, 2012, Sourav Bose said…

Man, u yourself r so talented that any praise coming from u has made my day!!

Thanx and thanx again.

At 8:04pm on December 5, 2012, Riya said…

Jason, thank you so much for your wonderful comment on the metallic pitcher. You just made me the best compliment i ever recieved, something i made worth buying, thank you!!

At 12:35pm on November 1, 2012, christine A Cullum said…

Hi Jason

.I left a message for you its on the main page.




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