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At 5:50am on March 20, 2017, michele josiane martin said…

hey jess!


shell xx

At 11:27am on September 8, 2016, Carole Robins said…

Hello Jess. Thank you for your comments on my fisherman, much appreciated. You have lovely work in your gallery, I'm very impressed. Best wishes, Carole

At 5:30am on July 3, 2016, Barbara Cullen said…

Hello Jess. Lovely of you to have left a comment on my Vineyard, I thank you kindly for that. Barbara Cullen

At 3:02am on April 8, 2016, Kathy Orrell said…

Thank you Jess for your lovely comment on my pic,  I took a lot of time with that one and put it away for a few months because I messed up the sky. The red marks should not have been on there but they wouldn't come off. I throw so many away but still enjoy the challenge . Love your art you are very talented.

 Best . Kathy

At 8:29pm on March 24, 2016, michele josiane martin said…

hi jess

you are such a sweetie

i spent 300 dollars last year on one item - polychromos c pencils! they were reduced from 400!

i would like another brush - i already have lots though! i have so much of everything really but i haven't bought any new things like w/c markers or w/c inks or anything. i just like my palettes and i have  few of those, just quietly. also gouache. i love that stuff.

i am in a funk. i can't decide what to do really. i think i like mixed media with watercolour the best. so i'm following up on that on you tube , also the use and mixing of colour - i love colour!

i have neo 11's, and portfolio crayons, artbar, lots of inktense too so i want to use those. then i love to do collage - remember my gloves but..- and i have loads of acrylics too and charcoal and contes and markers - phew! journals and pads, omg! i told you, too much!

so now i am overwhelmed! also i keep on going from my desk to my longe chair - i thought i would keep my desk for wet things other than w/c pencils and keep my nice leather chair for dry mediaa. otherwise i make a mess where we don't want it.

i could do my drawing/sketching in the evenings when i sit with my hubby. that way i am spending time with him, watching the box.

i'm happy for you and your lovely brushes. tell me, what do you do to get out of a funk? i feel so beh this week. i believe it is my chemo - i haad it on monday.

sorry for my stupid typo 'a'. it is my keyboard. i keep on spilling things ll over it! love to you and i want to say that your watercolours are SUPER!


At 8:11pm on March 18, 2016, michele josiane martin said…


your watercolours are fabulous! i am very envious but then i m learning a lot too because i read art books  and i draw every day and...oh i do something 'art'y' each day as well ! except yesterday . we went out for lunch and i was so tiredwhen we got home)

...but then...actually i DID do something 'arty' i remember. god, i've been editing for 2 hours just now!

i took photo's of buildings and streets and trees (urban pic's) for me to draw and paint. so art never leaves me nor you i believe! 



ps     oh, HOW COULD i FORGET????????

your WONDERFUL birthday card arrived and it is so sweet - thank you my friend! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwah!

At 3:38am on March 12, 2016, michele josiane martin said…

hi jess,

i have lots of aart supplies as you know, so i am choosing to use one thing every month - aalthough i might use the item in my mixed media actually now i am inspired by the gallery. there is so much wonderful stuff and i want to do some. just using one thing is becoming a bit simple; at least i am learning about that particular item. for example, this month i am using watercolour pencils. now i have a few different sets of these so it is fun and i am using my paper instead of journals. i have loads of each and i keep buying pads etc! soon to arrive are three more strathmore drawing and sketch pads! unbelievable.

i can't help myself. god.

aat leaaast i am drawing every day . and i am reading different books als that i BOUGHT of course! drawing on the left side of the brain is a good one and i started it last year but i need o revise as i have forgotten so much! true, i have regressed a little

i feel s if i have not progressed at all! aatm i am copying van goph's sunflowers in graphite, then i'll colour in watercolour pencils. that's it for now.

love shell xxxxxxxx

At 7:47pm on March 7, 2016, michele josiane martin said…

jess what have you used for your most recent pieces? that last 15-20?? your bee and your flower with the butterfly are my faves!


At 7:35pm on March 7, 2016, michele josiane martin said…

hi jess!

just checking in. your artwork is superb! omg. yes indeed. amazing progress jess my friend.

shell xxxx

At 10:38pm on February 26, 2016, michele josiane martin said…

hi jess

i am loving your art.

i am in so much pain it's horrible. yucky. it will settle soon. trouble is, my meds only take the edge off. i am seeing our pain unit at the royal adel hosp. and i am going to see a pain specialist soon.

hope he helps. i don't feel he will.

oh. so bad jess i can't walk. i haven't been out of the house for 3 years . don't tell anyone. this is just between me and you. you see i fall over all the time due to the meds i take for pain! i have a walking frame and no hair and i feel  stupid, no kidding

i know you will say not to feel dumb but i can't help it. my bald head is embarrassing. although now i have wigs from the Cheap Shop in pink, purple and green! noice.

i'm saving the green for st patrick's day - my birthday - they look cool actually.

so i get dressed every day and wear jewellery and lipstick etc. i'll send you a pic sometime soon. i am bothering to write to you only - so, see? my friend!

i am aware that you haven't been well enough to 'art' even. i hope you are feeling a little better now.

i visited the first 4 or 5 pages in the tac gallery for the first time in ages. i guess i was a little inspired. i just finished off 1 mm piece and starting another this morning. i haven't slept much lately so i suppose i will catch up. chemo again on monday. i wet my bed again last night, it has become a regular thing, it will be the pepsi max. obviously i have to stop it and drink plain water because tea does it too. cordial has too many calories and i am getting too fat. great. not.

between you and me i'm scared. i have 2 gorgeous boys and i want to watch their children grow. simon needs to have one yet - he has an 'adopted' 3-year-old. brendan has a beautiful baby girl. but they are all in melbourne so i don't see them much. i'll call them on facetime again soon i think.

i'm worried about my lifespan. ugh. do i have long enough to use all of my art supplies?

i have SO MANY pencils , you wouldn't believe! hundreds of inktense, 2 sets of  watercolour pencils 3 sets of  good cp, soooooo many.!!!!!!! derwent, polychromo's, prismacolours...

and i can't stop collecting journals ready to use!. i have 3 big ones and many small ones. then half left in around 4 or 5 i'm using. i'm sketching too, and reading, so it all takes a lot of time. but i do nothing else although i would like to bake scones one day soon.

still the pain persists. thanks for listening jess. sorry to bore you with my minutiae. my husband makes living worthwhile though, he is amazing!!!

i'm lucky to have art in my life and ron, of course!


shell xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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