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"Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in." ~ Amy Lowell

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Sunshine Gallery

Thank you for visiting my art page. If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my tumblr - Sunshine Gallery at:

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Estefanía Bernabé Sánchez

Portrait of Estefanía Bernabé Sánchez / Oil 100 x73 cm / Alejandro Cabeza 2018 / Winner of the Ángel Ganivet International Literary Prize 2018…


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You Are My Sunshine

(From a Facebook "Note" post last year)

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Hello I'm new Here

I had previously posted my recent (since 2009) artwork on a site called After ten years that site will be shutting down at months end. It was a safe comfortable place to put your artwork out in the world among other artists of various skill levels and styles. There was never any fear of being trolled, ridiculed, or having to endure being cruelly criticized. In the short time I have been here I get the sense The Art Colony is very much the same. As a first blog…


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On being/becoming an artist and acknowledging the fragile moments, steps and stumbles on the path to an intimate understanding of my journey thus far. My most recent essay on Hello Humans.

HINDSIGHT: An artist who always was

I have a dilemma.

While updating inventory in my space at a co-op shop, a flash of horror came over me as I looked at several…


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What a delightful welcome.

Thank you for the reaction to my art all those who have responded within the first full day of my membership of the art colony.  I am completely overwhelmed with joy . Please add to my “friends” list.......I will surely accept you all and respond when I can.

warm regards to all


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Jorge Civis Llovera

Retrato de Jorge Civis Llovera, Jorge Civis Llovera, Retratos de Alejandro Cabeza, Museo Geominero de Madrid, Pintor Retratista, Alejandro Cabeza Biografía, Pintores españoles, Pintor Alejandro Cabeza, Retratistas españoles actuales, Retratistas actuales, Retratistas españoles, Pintores Valencianos, Salomé Guadalupe Ingelmo, Joaquín Torrents Llado, Revello de Toro, Joaquín Sorolla, Anselmo Miguel Nieto, Isabel Rabano, Isabel Rábano Gutiérrez del Arroyo Portrait of Jorge Civis Llovera / Oil on canvas 81 x 60 cm / Museum Geominero Collection / Alejandro Cabeza…


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It has been a long time since I posted here, but I have not quit painting in the meantime.  I hope I have improved somewhat over the years.  I feel as if I have moved in the right direction.  My goal was always to be a little looser.  I want it to be an impression of "something" but also need the subject to be identifiable.

I now have a place to indulge my passion. 

We had downsized from our home to a condo, we had two bedrooms, and I had an area in the second bedroom, where I…


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M.I.A. and Book Art

Hello folks, it has been awhile since I was on and posting anything.  I'm trying to come up with some art for a children's book I am calling "Debbies Shells"
This is what I have now, please give your opinion on them. Thanks!

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My Life in the Art Colony and

Hi everyone 

I have been within the Art Colony for a little while now and I have really felt enveloped by the whole ethos of the Colony! created by Jane and gang,I have found some great Art friends from all over the world and they have helped me grow on my art journey which has been fantastic for me and hopefully my new career.

I wanted to give something back to the Art Colony as it has given me so much so I have…


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Polluting the Planet

Polluting the planet

Recent events made me focus and articulate my objections in paint…


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Doing it for love

When I started this latest immersion in drawing and painting, I was looking for my old self that enjoyed it deeply and at times could do it hour after hour.  I had lost that for too long, and was more than ready for the fond memories that came to mind in the early 2000s when I was into illustrating words and verses and not much into images in themselves.  So, I took a formal class or two in watercolor, something I had avoided as much as possible before, and discovered happily that I loved…


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Recent works

Since I'm new here and this is my first post, I'll try to bring you up to speed. I started drawing in 2015 and having been learning various mediums. I started with pencil drawings and then colored pencils. I wasn't getting what I wanted out my drawings so I decided to try paint. I love painting and use acrylics, watercolors and oils. Acrylics being my go to but I really want to be proficient in oil and watercolor. 

Here are my first watercolors. Hmm I guess you can only add one image…


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Thaao In Portrait


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Creating almost all my life but started sharing my art later in life

I have been painting and drawing and creating, since further back than

I can recall, but I only started to share my artwork at the urging of my

dear sister friend who has since lost her battle with cancer. I promised

her I would find a way to get my art into the world, starting small.

My First Art Exhibit was in 2011 and since that time I have been working

hard to find ways to exhibit my art and get the word out . I have out


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Silvia Claudia Rivas ganadora del Premio Ángel Ganivet 2017

Portrait of poet Silvia Claudia Rivas 

It is not just another meaningless fable was the work that led the Argentine poet Silvia Claudia Rivas to the top of the 11th Ángel Ganivet International Literary Contest, whose ruling was made public on November 14, the…


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Being Inspired

Hi just wanted to introduce myself to you all I'm Nick and have just got back in to art, as the last time I did any art was at school and that was a longtime ago as I'm now 54 years of age, anyway to cut to the chase I have been in a wheelchair for three months after surgery, and I was looking for something to do to stop me going completely stir crazy as daytime TV is mind numing ! So I decide to start some drawing and I found it so relaxing and fufulling I wanted others to fill the same so I… READ MORE

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Is there life out there?

I have been gone for a bit.

Mainly posting to Instagram and Plus, and decided to come back to see if there is a pulse here. 

If so, say hello! 

Here is a list of art related things I have been working on.

Pen and ink - Oh, how I love the boldness it offers and how smooth it is, how it can be diluted for special effects!

Pencil sketches - I have been addicted to my pencils as of late that my acrylics are drying out! Is it the end of the world for my…


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The painting value

Once it is completed,any good painting will not only look good but also bear certain sinificance in itself.Such a kind of significancy can be regarded as the spirit value of the art work.The spirit will be passed from generation to generation as the painting is presented and broardcasted in the public.Such a spirit is the most valuable part of the art,it can be the reflection from a history event and can also be the repsentation of the ideaolody of the artist.In many cases,the spirit of the…


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