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The children really enjoyed painting. I put a Fleur de lis in the center for them and they choose their own colors and added to.

Doing one more for older children before the summer is out.

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There is a festival coming up in Sept. in Morgan City Louisiana. I'm suppose to enter 2 to 6 big paintings if I wish. I do have a few 16 x 20 finished. I'm thinking if I cannot get the 24"x36" done in time I'll put them in. I do have 3- 24" x 30" done but they were done 5 years ago and I have not scanned them yet. I know Sept. seems far away but with life going so fast  it will be here before you know it. the only thing that will cancel it is a hurricane. Ok thanks for listen. 

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Arts Alive in Bay St. Louis Mississippi. It was the perfect day, sun shine nice cool breeze. I sold 3 things and enjoyed meeting so many new people.

Arts Alive in Bay St. Louis Mississippi. It was the perfect day, sun shine nice cool breeze. I sold 3 things and enjoyed meeting so many new people.


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Art Show

This art show was in Morgan City Louisiana. I really enjoyed it. I was places by two very good friends. Caroline Simoneaux and Rhonda Dennies. Rhonda wrote the Green Bayou Series books. We had a great time and I actually sold more than anticipated.

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It is wonderful that my art work is starting to sell. the funny thing is most of the art is 4 x 6 paintings. People buy these like crazy. March 22 my work will be in a ArtAlive  Showcase in Bay St. Louis Mississippi. I'm very excite about this. I was going to bring all my art home to Louisiana but people asked me to give this a try. One charge and anything you sell you get to keep 100% of the money. YEA!!!

OH!! March 8th in Morgan City Louisiana I will be in a art show there with a…


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Art Show

This is Caroline Simoneaux and I. We were asked   to show our art at a banquet in a town about 18 miles west of here. About 200 people attended.  The committee only picked  6 of us out of about 20 artist. We really enjoyed it but no one bought anything not even a small item. The up side is this little town is building a new liberty with an art display…


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Bay St. Louis

It was a cold week end in Mississippi. I worked my Sunday at Gallery 220. The place stayed busy all day long so the time went by really fast. People were buying paintings (not mine), ear rings, and necklaces. This week lots of very large art work sold. One man bought 5 paintings 2 foot x 3 foot and some much bigger. Right before he walked out he turned around and bought 4 - 8 x 10s. It was great.

Looking forward to mine paintings selling like that.

Ya'll have a n art day.

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Cajun Bayou Belles

Have been working on the camping trip for a long time. I'm about to totally finish the 16 x 20 painting. Then Going to make prints of it and hang the original  on my wall. Working on any thing for my belles makes me so happy. If all goes well my short story will go on the back side of the painting.

winter is here!!! we do not get it for very long.

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Have been very busy. Trying to paintings ahead so I have enough to put in Gallery. Then trying to get a web page. some cost so much. I'm just sticking with Face Book for right now. If I could learn to use my new camera that would help.

The weather here has been so perfect I am spending time outside and not painting. Oh Well the Bayou is beautiful at this time of the year. smile it is good for you and everyone around you...


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220 Gallery

This is where my art is now. This Gallery is in Bay St. Louis Mississippi. I love this whole town.

This is my spot. I'm so excited about all this. This gallery has an Art Walk every second Saturday of every month. I'm going to be there next…


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Art Walk 2013

This is the news paper picture of me standing in from of my art. I'm tired by this time had been standing 6 hours. Enjoyed it all and sold lots of prints. People did not seem to want originals but money has a lot to do with that.



8 x 10 of…


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Michael Ann Made this for me. She is so beautiful. No name yet. I also got the black Cat. I'm so lucky. Cats name is Sassy…


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It has been raining here every day for almost two weeks now. I am not complaining because it keep our heart down in the lower 90s. My yard is now a sponge but I just went out and walked in it up over my feet. Guess that is why people say we have webbed feet.  Anyway, it is a good time to stay in and do art. Still working on my hippie/flower power. Even went out and bought me some wide leg jeans. Now I'm going to cut them and add a very large tri angel to each side just like we did in…


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There you have it me and one of my little sisters bellbottoms you cannot see the flair on the bottom of the blue jeans.

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Flower Power and Hippies

It is hard to pick one thing or even 2 to draw and paint for this. I love the whole 60s 70s. Ok I asked if I should go Cajun well you know I'm going too at least one on ATC cannot help myself.

If you smoked marijuana or not the fashion of bell bottoms, tie dye and flowers were every where and I loved it. The bright colors has always given me much joy and energy. So I say pull out the tie dye and enjoy life!!!


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I am so thankful for air conditioning. Summer is the time of year I cannot get out much but having an art room and a/c is a blessing. I'm painting,  and making paper.

Can anyone tell me how to keep my paper smelling good. it starts out so good and fades so fast. Even my crab boil one does not smell any more. I'm going to have to star making book marks or something cause the pages are piling up. :-)

time to go

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Had lots of fun painting this little fellow. I'm not finished with him and to tell you the truth sha he looks much brighter in person. Sometimes the pic do not do much for the painting.

Going to add more to him today. Was thinking about putting him a lady friend but no room. Nothing like jazz to start your birthday off…

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Art Walk

I fooled myself into thinking there is enough time to paint before the Art Walk. Well here to tell you it gets away from you. I'm so addicted to the swaps and dolls I'm crazy but filled with joy and love. However I need to do my work for the up coming Walk. This little town only has one a year and last years the hurricane shut us down. The exciting part is I will get to be in the store on Main Street I want to be in. Last year they put me with a man that was so nuts I was scared. He was way…


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Today my world is filled with water. It is raining so much down here my yard has become one big swimming pool. I do not mind because I would never want to be any place else on this planet, well maybe a short visit somewhere but my bayous and swampland are my home. I signed up for the Birthday swap and this rain gave me the different ATCs I am going to do. All is well in my world.

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