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May be buying a real art studio!!!

For many years, I have contemplated buying a property in Ontario’s Prince Edward County.  Land of wineries and a very healthy Art Trail, PEC still boasts property prices that are wayyyyyy below Toronto’s stratosphere real estate. Prices are edging up, though, as more and more Toronto people buy vacation homes and retirement properties there.  I want to retire there eventually and become part of that lovely Art Trail. So……………yesterday I bit the bullet and put in an offer on a 2.66 acre…


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HELP! Am I forgetting anything? Less than Two Months to "Big Break" Exhibition

Eeek, I've now passed the two-months-to-go mark. I install my Passions: Red & Black show at The Art Bar of Toronto's artsy Gladstone Hotel on December 23. While every day eats into my 7-page to-do list, there are still SO many items still to accomplish.

Paintings are all completed. Oh yeah, some still need D-rings installed to conform to the gallery's hanging system, but that's a matter of two hours some Saturday morning. Soon. I'm buying the rolls of bubble wrap…


Added by Ev McTaggart on November 1, 2013 at 4:01pm — 5 Comments

Art show Overload!

Oh, boy, this show at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel Art Bar in December is a whack of work!

 So far, I’ve completed the following tasks:


Written a to do list, complete with before show, bump in day, and after show items

Designed my Save the Date  card and invitation to the opening reception

Started an invitation list

Contracted with a design firm for my new art web site

Written the copy for  said web site

Completed most of the…


Added by Ev McTaggart on August 16, 2013 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

How to turn THIS into art?

Got to my office building this a.m. and there were hundreds of people—and six police cars— outside.

“Fire alarm?” I asked one waiting person.

“Apparently some suspicious character has entered our building,” she said. She’d been waiting five minutes. After another ten minutes, the police let us in the building and I took the elevator up to the 10th floor. My co-worker was already there. She hadn’t heard about the excitement.

I had just finished recounting the story when…


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To frame or not to frame? That is THE question.

I took the day off to do artsy things. Brought one 24" x 24" and two 18" x 18" pieces to my framing guy. Left later with a bill for $423 on delivery. Ouch!!!!

For my little restaurant/gallery shows, I have showed my paintings unframed, but with finished sides. However, I have a rather large show coming up the end of the summer/early fall at a much more affluent venue and I think I am going to bite the bullet and show all pieces framed--no matter what the hit to my bank…


Added by Ev McTaggart on April 26, 2013 at 8:55pm — 8 Comments

I scored a free air brush!

At dinner last night I met a pro car racer who knows lots of my racing friends. He used to air brush cars, but hasn't in 15 yr.. He offered me his air brush gratis. Did I take the offer? Am I stupid? Of course, I did! So....Liz Letourneau.....watch this space for some air brushing effects. LOL.

Added by Ev McTaggart on April 7, 2013 at 2:03pm — 5 Comments

Ready, Set, Go! Ooops, wait!

I'm all varnished, wired and ready to hang. OK, not me, but six new paintings: the beginning of the Passions: Red & Black series. They will be installed in my friend's gallery restaurant later today.

Liz Letourneau, I followed your example and varnished most of them by pouring the varnish on the painting and dispersing it with my hands. Awesome trick, girl! The things you learn on TAC! It's too cold here right now to open doors while spraying varnish, so I had to…


Added by Ev McTaggart on February 3, 2013 at 6:38pm — 8 Comments

Help! Help!

You know those bits of wood, used to secure the intgrity of the support,  that often come with your canvasses? I've worked a fair bit with smaller canvasses that don't really need the wood bit, so I now have quite a collection of them. The granddaughters like to play with them, but otherwise I keep them around because--you guessed it--I think, "Someday I'll use those."

I have seriously thought about taking a huge wooden board (I think a canvas or a canvas board wouldn't be sturdy…


Added by Ev McTaggart on January 30, 2013 at 5:21pm — 2 Comments


So, I decided to offer one of my paintings as a contest prize on my Facebook Art page. I asked my friends to share the photo and contest on their own Facebook pages. And guess what? A lot of them shared and now a lot of their friends are sharing. This could be a very good idea I had!

Added by Ev McTaggart on December 1, 2012 at 8:39pm — 2 Comments

Have I been here too long?

I just realized that when I see a new blog post or update or painting post, I know whose painting or post it is, not because I can read the name (which I can't if I haven't got my specs on!) but because I recognize the picture. "Oh, there's Ruth", I think, or "Sharon posted something" or "I wonder what Suzanne has to say?" I think I may have been here too long! Or.....I spend way too much time on here.

Added by Ev McTaggart on November 18, 2012 at 1:46pm — 1 Comment

Name that work!

I love that most artists on this site have actually named their works. I think it was Rita Mae Browne (may be wrong) who said that sending a poem out into the world as "Untitled" is like not naming one of your children. I feel the same about my paintings. I know that people will like/dislike/judge my painting by their own standards and may likely see things in it that I never see or ever intended, but if I have put a title to my work, people have a larger idea of what the work means to ME.…


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Older Granddaughter Joined in Yesterday's Painting Session

Alexis, my son's older daughter (4 years old), dropped by yesterday while I was painting. She joined me in my crowded studio (crowded because my bathroom is  being slowly renoed and much of the bathroom gear is in my studio, grrrrr) and created this 5" x 7" painting on canvas board. Nana provided the board, the pourable paints, the brush, and many chips of acrylic paint. Alexis…


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So ArtSquared is over.

Thanks for all the good wishes! It was a great show--did wonders for my ego. Didn't directly sell anything at the show, but neither did anyone else. I suspect one doesn't buy  much art at shows, but afterwards...... There were tons of people wandering about, though, and all the people who dropped by my booth were gushing, "Oooooh, I like that" or "Vibrant" or "Wow!"--even when I was not obviously manning the booth! I have about ten wonderful prospects. Many more people took business cards…


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My daughter was supposed to help me at my art show/sale on Saturday. Yesterday the husband of  her father's first cousin passed away and my daughter, rightly so, wants to attend the funeral--which happens to be on Saturday. I'd like to go, too, but unfortunately, I'm stuck. And now I'm also faced with the task of finding someone else to booth sit with me Saturday. Sigh.

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Missing So Many Posts

Recently unless I check TAC constantly, I miss so many posts, including some by artists I have been following since I joined. We were a much smaller number then and a once a day check revealed everything I wanted to see and read. Now, new artists are being added at a dizzying speed--most of them incredible. They add their what's-ups, blogs and comments to an already busy board and alakazam! those posts just zoom by before I get a chance to imbibe! Because I still work full-time and must…


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Vacation and art. Do they mix?

Last week I was on vacation in Ontario's Prince Edward County with my entire family, including the two little granddaughters. I brought along my watercolour pencils and a pad of paper, never expecting to use them as it's always program with the little girls around. Surprise! One day when the family was at the beach (I'd stayed behind to prep dinner), I hauled out my supplies and started on a portrait of granddaughter # 1. Another day while I was babysitting kids while other grownups visited…


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They're home!

After quite a few years of living in Nova Scotia (during which time my two granddaughters were born), my son and his family have returned to Ontario. On the weekend I was actually able to sit and paint with granddaughter # 1 who is four years old. She used my paint pens (they will never be the same!) to make a painting, then I showed her how to apply a wash over it. I have a collection of frames I buy at garage/yard sales, so I hauled one out and framed her painting. Oh my gosh, she was so…


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Duh! Now I remember why I call spring allergy months "stupid season"!!!! Last night I used a masking fluid to mask some areas on a new canvas painting. I hadn't used masking fluid on canvas before, o…

Duh! Now I remember why I call spring allergy months "stupid season"!!!! Last night I used a masking fluid to mask some areas on a new canvas painting. I hadn't used masking fluid on canvas before, only on watercolour paper--and it's been ages since I used it at all. Worked well on the canvas. Then I tried to wash my brush. Grrrrrrr!!!! I forgot to dip it in dish washing liquid before I used it. Great experiment with masker on canvas=one ruined acrylic brush. And stupid season for me lasts…


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Just DO it!

My new exhibit opens May 26 at the same gallery restaurant that hosted my earlier show. This time I didn’t have to inquire about it; I was invited. Nice! I plan to show my Toying with Texture paintings which are all mostly finished except for varnish for a couple and wiring for all. Which means I am way ahead of my show deadline. Which means I am painting other things J of course. Lou Mead’s new pink flowers painting, coming on the heels of Joyce Findlay’s poppies, has inspired me to try my…


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Yay! New commission!

A former client has asked me to think about a larger painting for her cousin's new office. The office is ultra-modern with black leather and lots of chrome and glass, and apparently her cousin isn't a big fan of loads of colour. I asked her to take a look at my small (8' x 10") painting Polar Ice 3000, suggesting that the blacks, grays and whites with small pops of red and yellow might work in that environs. She agreed and last weekend I started the 24" x 36" work, on approval since she's a…


Added by Ev McTaggart on February 23, 2012 at 2:30pm — 6 Comments


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