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I got to thinking today after i recieved the most beautiful packages from Maureen Craddock, Trey McGill and Susanne Skeen that you all just ALWAYS make my day!!!

I started this art journey about a year and a half ago and literally has changed my world!! Coming in here was one of the best moves ive ever made. Ive learned ssssoooo much and im growing with every visit in here. Ive made true friends that i will adore forever (someday we will out world).

You all…


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These wonderful gems are from Gloria Hamilton from N. Ireland. So excited to get another set from over seas. sent me two atcs, a beautiful card and a little baggie of goodies for me to play with. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all…


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School shopping

Had to share because it was so cute. I went yesterday to purchase supplies for my upcoming Basic Drawing class that starts Aug 29th (IM SO EXCITED). Anywho, i was in the store and for the life of me i couldnt figure out what size paper the teacher requested we get (of course i picked the wrong size) so, im standing there pondering over my supplies in my cart and this little girl comes up (id say 5-6yrs old) and she said " what school do you go to, i want those kind of supplies" so i smiled…


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Card a Day

I made a few cards yesterday and literally couldnt think of names for the pieces so i just named them Wednesday. Several people thought it was a great idea....ANYONE ELSE???

Might be fun doing one a day. Any medium, any size etc etc. I think ill start labeling them with the date tho.

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Today i treated myself (using coupons of course) to a 6 piece set of Pigma Micron .05 basic color pens ( i treated myself last time to the .005) and i also got the Pentel Slicci Metallic 0.8mm pens ( 8 of those) in very YUMMY colors. I shouldnt have but i did and im happy i did!!! Cant wait to do some drawing!!

I also got some wooden boxes to alter ($1 ea at Hobby Lobby...70% off), new ribbons, new paper flowers, couple birdhouses to paint (70% off) and som enew acrylic paints. I also…


Added by Christina Mcclintock on July 25, 2012 at 9:17pm — 16 Comments

Proof is in the puddin'

So i had my first "jurried" show yesterday and what a difference that makes not having to fight the Avon, Tupperware etc ladies for sells.

I sold over half of my inventory yesterday and i have standing orders for more. I will stick with these jurried shows. The show before this one by the time the ladies hit the Avon type booths they had spent their money.. i constantly heard "oh your work is so beatiful, wish i hadnt already spent all my money" sheesh, i dont understand why one would…


Added by Christina Mcclintock on July 1, 2012 at 5:53pm — 1 Comment

Grandaughters Ballet/Tap Gala Picture

I know its not art im posting but to me this is the best "canvas" EVER. This is Alana my 6yr old grandaughter. Its all i could do not to cry watching the show.

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So i just had to share my conversation with my hubby today. He is VERY supportive of my art efforts and never questions anything i want to try but today he found me crawling around our firepit (surrounded by river rock) and said " ok, i hate to ask but what the heck are you doing" and i said " omg, this gal paints the neatest rocks on TAC and she finishes them with Mod Podge...ive just got to try this"  he said " oh boy, there goes all our River Rock"

We were busy cleaning windows,…


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Another grandaughter painting

Alana (which ive mentioned in here several times) is my 6yr old grandaughter that is VERY artistic. She loved this painting i did (i did in reds/pinks) and wanted to paint it. She literally did this herself. I guided her with a piece of paper showing her how to do each stroke. She sat there with tears in her eyes when she finished and i thought she was unhappy with it and said " honey, whats wrong? its beautiful" she said " Mars, im crying because i cant beieve i did this, i want to put it…


Added by Christina Mcclintock on June 5, 2012 at 7:56pm — 5 Comments

Private Lessons

YEAH FOR ME!!!!  A local artist i take classes from here and there has generously offered to give me private lessons which she has never done and said she never thought she would but likes my "progress" from back in january when i last had a class with her (well, till May 29th).

I am sssooo excited. We will iron out details when she gets back from a month vacation.

Added by Christina Mcclintock on June 4, 2012 at 2:57am — 2 Comments

Improving every day

Ok, so i just have to say a few words here. LOL. I was in a class tonight (the hummingbird painting in acrylic) and there was a few people having a little troubles. I leaned over and "suggested and showed" them brush strokes and the instructor said to me ( last class i had with her was back in Jan) " christina, you have really come a long way from jan to now, its like from a 1 to a 10" If i could i could of plummed out my feathers like a peacock im sure i would of.  What a…


Added by Christina Mcclintock on May 30, 2012 at 3:09am — 1 Comment

last entry on school

Ok, you all know my drama with school. This is my final vent on it...i promise!!!

tonight was our last night so i got there and the teacher was already there so instead of pulling out the wrong supplies (heaven forbid) i asked her "so, what is the lesson tonight, what are we doing?" her reply..." oh nothing since its the last night, we all can just finish up our paintings we been working on" DUH LADY...I FINISHED MINE. so i ended up redoing a painting ive already done on a canvas…


Added by Christina Mcclintock on May 1, 2012 at 4:49am — 8 Comments

Girl weekend...oh and PaPa

YEA FOR ME!!! I get all three grandaughters starting today. Ive babyproofed my house as much as i can (the 14 month old is not only walking but running). Set up a small area just for the older girls and i so we can be artsy fartsy (as the girls call it)

Our plan (if Indiana weather doesnt ruin it) is to go see my fellow colonist and friend Aubrey at her show at the zoo. Im hoping and praying that the weather forcast isnt correct (55 and rainy), today is 58 but nice.

I added the…


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Craft Show

So ive packed up 9 boxes of painted glassware (glasses, vases and plates) two crates full of handpainted birdhouses and 3 boxes of altered canvases, journals, albums. I think i am ready!! I hope people are in the mood to buy. After this one (80 vendors) i will be doing a 2nd craft show on May 5th, this one is a biggie, 140 vendors. My April and May calendar is packed with stuff to do. Between classes on Mondays and Thursdays, a 4wk class in May doing a Thomas Kinkade (Fisherman in the…


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grandaughter (#2)

So i just had to share. Alana is coming to stay with me next week for her spring break. she is 6. My little artist. So she calls tonight and said " oh Mars (that is what the grandaughters call me) i have our week all planned. So what is the first thing she wants to do?? Go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. really?? i was impressed. Then she said " and i was thinking we could make a tree, you know use pipe cleaners and make the tree and use the moss you put on your birdhouses and make the…


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Art Class

So i start art school tomorrow and had to get some supplies. The teacher INSISTED on Winton oil based paints only. I needed 7 colors i didnt have. Big ouch on the purse!!! id better come out of this a dang Picasso!!!!

Added by Christina Mcclintock on March 17, 2012 at 8:49pm — 13 Comments

Sketching class

So i am so so new at all this and just kind of threw myself into the painting process, along with doing ALOT of altered art. My question is, i am registered for an Oil class starting 3/19. I wanted to get down to basics and learn strokes, brushes, paints etc etc. I am also considering a sketch class. Now, i have trouble drawing a straight line or a perfect circle. Is one just "born" with the talent of sketching or is this something that can be learned once you know basics? Im on limited…


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So i can start my day saying " ok, im going to work on an oil, or maybe i'll work on my altered journals (i do have a show coming up) but then i come in here (about 5 times a day) and i look at the gallery and i am just amazed everytime. Such beautiful, intense work!! So, there goes my "plan" for the day and i grab yet another medium saying to myself "ok, i cant get that out of my mind, gotta try it". Which is the idea right?? LOL. You all continue to surprise me with all the different…


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i actually did my first Zentangle

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OMG, i just found out about this form of art. How cool is this?? I sit in my room for hours just looking at galleries, blogs, websites. Now i can put away the laptop and do something constructive. Does anyone know if you can just "play" around with this on regular watercolor paper and sketching pencils?

Added by Christina Mcclintock on February 29, 2012 at 5:13am — 8 Comments


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