I live in Cowra, New South Wales, Australia. A small town in a rural region of the state.

I have been doing artwork of some kind for most of my life. I have, basically, tried every type of art....contantly looking for the medium I really liked. Drawing has always been the foundation of all of my art. I evenually started doing a lot of oil paintings and loved the medium. As a sideline hobby/art, I took up doing leatherwork in the 1970's. I did a lot of pictorial leather art carvings over the years. I also learnt Pyrography (pokerwork) and was soon burning pictures onto leather. I eventually opened a leathergoods and art shop in Taree, New South Wales in 1990. I taught leathercraft and art there three nights a week.

In 1996, I was asked if I would like to move my business to a historic theme park called "Timbertown" at Wauchope, NSW (my old home town). I operated successfully there for about four years.

I fell ill in 2000 and running the business had got too much for me. I needed a rest and a change. I closed the business and moved West, to Cowra.

Unfortunately, my art suffered as well and I basically stopped doing art alltogether. I did not get back to it until 2008. How I got back to it was by mere chance.

I bumped into a signwriter friend of mine one day and we chatted about an upcoming Signwriter's Convention he was hosting in Cowra. He recalled that I told him I did airbrushing art and he asked if I could do a "small" job for him. He wanted a bar fridge door airbrushed. I sort of agreed to do it. Then he told me there was a couple of catches - It had to be done (and finished) by the following Saturday... (He told me this on the Wednesday)... and it had to be done in public view at the convention. When I asked him what did he want airbrushed on it, he replied " I don't know.. your the artist, I'll leave it to you". It was at about this point that I wanted to run and hide.

I chose a white tiger as the subject and, after working around the clock on it, the painting was finished at midday on the Saturday.

What didn't know was the that all the signwriters there were in competitions for trophies for the various works they created. At the end of it all, I was presented with the trophy for the best airbrushed work. (there where five others there who airbrushed something). It blew me away and the art bug was reborn. 

Since then I have been constantly creating artwork. I also teach art and do demos now and then.

I work mainly on canvas, using acrylics and/or acrylic ink. Other art work I do is, color pencil on crescent board and pyrography on leather or wood.

I do not have a favourite subject for my art.. if it appeals to me, I'll give it a go.

I do a lot of commissioned art and I love the challenge of doing a subject that I didn't personally choose.

The only thing the is now impeding my passion is my health. I have a long time heart condition and to add to that, I've just been diagnosed with diabetes. I now find it hard to put the hours I want into my art. I burn out quickly these days.

The desire is still there though and I will soldier on until I drop. Overall, it has been an interesting journey. I have learned a lot over the years and I now try to pass on what I've learnt to anyone who interested.

In the words quoted by the country singer, Waylon Jennings: "If I'd had know I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself"


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