I had the privelage of travelling to Europe with my sister recently for nearly a month. we went to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Moscow, Vileki Novgorod and St Peteresburg.

I had always thought my art was not good enough and even though it was enough for me, not enough for an art exhibition.

My sister is an Artist, Interior designer and is a Director at a design college in Cape Town, so we were both very interested in building design and art etc.

The museums, were of course out of this world and the old masters just make you sick to your stomach they are so amazing, and detailed and huge.

The churches had these mosaics (each tile the size of the nail of my index finger - 10mm x 10mm) that spanned wall after wall and every nook and cranny.. Again brimming with intricate detail...

One of the places we went to was the Denmark Design College and I was just gobsmacked by what I saw..   There were so many beautiful, innovative and creative pieces, and then ........... there was some art that just blew my mind.

Blegh, Yuk, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO came to mind ....

I realised then and there that I had absolutely nothing to worry about, my art was pretty good if not damn amazing.

We are exposed to so many outside influences and we create and then judge our "stuff" accordingly...

But I also saw art displayed in prestigiious museums and I thought to myself, "I can do that", "why didn't I think of that", OM word, that is stunning, I am going to try that technique...

For so long I have "arted" along and tried to get as close to other artists as I can ... well no more... Yes I will still be influenced by what is out there (and you all .... ) but I am who I am as are each of you.......

To each and every one of you I say this............. Thank you for all your influences in my life and for being who you are and creating what is beautiful to you and no one else.


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Comment by William Barns on August 17, 2016 at 10:06pm

What a fantastic blog, I couldn't agree more!!!


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