Hello my fellow artists!

First I want to thank all of you for the prayers and well wishes.  I really appreciate it! *hugs all around*.

In regards to my epilepsy, I am doing very well so far.  I have not had any further tonic-clonic seizures as of yet and I realized today that it's been several weeks since I've experienced any of what we think may be simple partial seizures!  I have also been migraine free for an entire month!!  That's the first time in four years I've been migraine free! So I think the keppra is doing it's job so far and I'm one of the lucky ones that has the side effect of migraine prevention from the meds. (If you have to have side effects it's nice to have "good" side effects!)

The vitamin B6 seems to be doing it's job as well.  I have not been edgy or grouchy since I began taking it with my morning dose of Keppra!  I'm also no longer in a zombie like state during the day, I feel like myself again.

Through this whole experience I've felt very blessed.  Because of the seizures I have learned so much about epilepsy.  Things I thought I knew about it were totally wrong!  Now I'm learning all sorts of things I never knew and I'm excited to learn about it.  My faith (being a Christian) has been a huge factor as well.  Since the first seizure I've felt at peace which surprises many people.  Yet, for me, I believe God is allowing this to happen for a reason, so that makes it ok with me.  I know He is in control and I am in His hands, so I'm ok no matter what happens.  Now, with all I'm learning, I'm beginning to see that part of the reason may be for me to become an advocate for epilepsy awareness.  I was shocked to discover how many people hide the fact they have epilepsy because they are afraid of the stigmas that are still attached to this condition.  I was also shocked to discover how prevalent epilepsy is, about 1 in 100 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy; 7 out of 10 of those who are diagnosed will be considered to have idiopathic epilepsy, meaning the cause is unknown. 

So rather than curling up in a ball and wanting to hide from the world, I want to shout at the top of my voice everything I'm learning to anyone willing to listen. :)  It's an amazing journey.

My most recent "art" has been designing cover photos for facebook profiles.  Facebook now has a new "timeline" profile view that allows you to have a large cover photo on your main profile page and then a smaller photo which is more like your avatar.  I made myself a cover photo with a picture I took, blending the background and then adding my favorite Bible verse (Jeremiah 29:11).  It was a huge hit that prompted me to being creating more and giving them away for free on my web design business' facebook page.  Now, I am creating special epilepsy awareness cover photos for Global Purple Day which occurs every year on March 26th.

Since my recent work has been digital manipulation of photos, I won't post it here as I feel it wouldn't meet the digital art guidelines.  If you're on Facebook you can check out the cover photos on the facebook page I created for my business.  Just search for "Breaching Fin Graphics" on facebook and you'll find the page.  Feel free to use any of the cover photos if you like them. ;)

My next project (beginning tomorrow) is making lavender/purple ribbons for Global Purple Day.  I will be speaking about epilepsy & Global Purple Day in our church on the day before (March 25) and I decided to make purple awareness ribbons to give to the congregational members for them to wear on March 26,  I'm planning to crochet some tiny lavender Irish roses for the center of each ribbon.   

Again, thank you all so much for your support!  Hopefully I'll be able to get back to working on my digital friends for shark cove to go along with Hank & Fin as well as getting back to my graphite sketching.  I've got the itch to sketch again!

Hugs to you all,

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Comment by Cat Lengyel on March 26, 2012 at 6:30am

Can finally take a breather!  Gave the epilepsy Purple Day presentation in church this morning and the kids passed out the support ribbons.  A local epilepsy foundation rep saw the ribbons two weeks ago and requested 100 for a local support group which I made as well.  Been busily crocheting for the last two weeks! :)

Here's a close up:


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