What style is your art?  (And, I have often heard people mistake medium for style.)  Granted, I am much better at discussing and recognizing art than actually doing it - maybe my style is verbal/written! HA!  But, I truly think that your style is something that develops over time without conscious manipulation on your part.  

I also think that "style" is a two part subject.....that is to say, for instance, "The style of the piece was Abstract and her fluid organic style  was recognizable from her other work."  The first style you learn through study and practice.  I think copying the masters is a valid and necessary part of learning about Impressionism, Photorealism, Ab-Ex, etc.  The second is the style that your work shows no matter the medium, subject, or style.  

I really wish someone had explained this to me in this way a LONNNNNGGGG time ago!  I found myself intimidated and  immobilized early on by thinking I had to chose (or "have") a specific style to be an artist!  Now, I recognize that every person I ever met is an artist in some aspect of their lives.  Somewhere, they create an expression of their concept of beauty. I have a friend that is an artist in the kitchen and prepares wonderful dishes that are "things of beauty" to the taste buds.  Another is a master of design when it comes to decorating and arranging her house.  I have seen workshops that are so aesthetically organized and efficient that they should be framed!  

Guess the purpose of my ramble is to say that I believe we all create our own style in our own medium as we go about our lives, and acknowledging or recognizing our "style" is great for self image and confidence.  Also, realizing that our style is like everything else in life - ever evolving - is important, as it takes the pressure off!

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Comment by Donna Barker on July 16, 2013 at 8:30pm

 I agree, my style lends more toward decorating.  Im a genious when it comes to matching colors and patterns! I love to doodle, color, scrap and collage.  I was always too broke to buy much in the way of artwork, so instead I always just painted something that would work.  Same with objects.  If it doesn't work, paint it.  Ive always painted furniture etc.  My friends at the furniture store where I worked for 20 years laughed at me an said, "it doesn't matter youll just paint it anyway!"lol. So  I agree.  That is my comfort zone.  But sometimes it would be great to branch out!! I just did some pieces for this ugly outside wall I have, collage and paint.  Just trying to add some color to this redwood stained wall/fence.  It looks awesome.  Maybe Ill try to figure how to post it! lol

Comment by Donna Barker on July 16, 2013 at 8:34pm

Also, I have to admit in the summer time, I am crazy with my plants. I have a yard full of tropical plants. Banana trees, hibiscus, oleander, fan palms....Its not easy in Northern Ky. But I love them and I love the colors. My husband and I are tropical at heart!!! So I guess that my style is also love of plants and landscaping!!! Love it!! After about 2 years of landscape architecture.....I guess some of it stuck!!!



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