Hello my artsy friends.  Im trying very hard to get creative again. As I explained in a post I wrote in the whimsical forum.  I went to the University of Ky. where I received my BA in Interior Design.  I love what I did.  School was hard. I worked Three jobs and went full time.  Had to extend my degree to 5 years.  But, I really enjoyed school.  I didnt really party and do those college experience things.  But it was ok.  I spent a lot of time drawing for class etc. 

Our program was in the college of Architecture, so we were very hardline.  Not a lot of sketching.  I had a small art scholarship, so that was my background.  We did a ton of floor plans, elevations, and perspective drawing (thank goodness I had 2 years of architecture in high school, or I would have been in a lot of trouble!).  I enjoyed it tremendously.  But we never took any drawing classes.  Never focused any time on scetching and somewhere along the way I lost my ablility to free line.  I used to do whimsical art, landscapes pen and ink, animals, birds, butterflies, etc. None of it comes as easy anymore, it really bothers me!

I do a lot of crafts, or at least I have.  I collect papers andscrapbook paper like all the trees are going to go aways soon and no more paper.  I love colored pencils, markers, paints etc.  the  most crafts that I do are things for the home. I tend to use the papers to frame artwork etc as opposed to actually scrapbooking.  I just want to get back to being artsy.  I look at millions of things online, especially pinterest, that I love and want to do those things but cant seem to get to it.  Ive drawn window treatments, my speciallty for years but can no longer seem to draw a cute dog, or somehthing simple.  That is why I am here. I thougnt this looked like a great site to open me up.  I always say, I can do that, and now its like then why dont you!!!!!  Now we have moved and I have no more creative friends either.  I think this has been really hard as well, it was very nice to ck in with friends who were working on various projects, and to have friends to work on things with.  Ive never been someone who liked to do things alone. I do bounce things off my husband and he tries but he hasnt a creative bone in his body.  So I try to get it going on on my own and its just not happening.  That is why, when I found this site I thought it would perfect to have other people with the same interests as myself.  I hope it works out as I had planned!

So that is just a few thoughts about why I am here. 

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Comment by Vicki Murray on March 8, 2013 at 11:35pm
I'm sure your creativity you will be back soon! maybe you can find a local group that meets every week to paint with... or take a class..... Our llocal community center offers painting for just 5 dollars a class. good luck, can't wait to see your work
Comment by Mary Courtney on March 9, 2013 at 9:56pm

Hey Donna, I'm a newbie on this site, too, and I have to say I was amazed by what you wrote above.  I, too, have a degree in I.D. from the U of Illinois. We weren't under the Arch. Dept. but Home Ec., so had much more Art emphasis than it sounds like you did.  My problem was that I didn't RESEARCH how much $$ I.D.'s make, and since the market has changed so much, and so many Architects are now doing I.D., I found I couldn't make a living wage in the field.  So I left it and had a career, owned my own business in Chicago, and then we moved down to Central IL.  Far from the maddening crowd!  I'll say....we live in the country south of a little town of 3,000 ppl. 

I'm a native Texan, so my reaction to the grey, Midwestern winters has been to CRAVE color!  Like you I've done many crafts, and had gotten away from Art for Art's sake, but as I was painting various parts of our home I, in my wackiness, couldn't help but see all those walls and doors as blank canvases for me to get creative with.  I have never cared much for the cookie-cutter lifestyle, so I didn't worry about my house looking 'different', and so this led me back into painting creatively. 

I know the artist within never goes away.  She can get stale or lazy or sidetracked, but the creativity that you had as a young person is still there inside you.  I think half the battle is UNlearning so much of what we learn in adulthood.....we need to relearn the freedom children have.  I think too many adults have forgotten to have FUN and FREEDOM. We learn conformity and uniformity, and that, in my opinion, stifles creativity.  So let go.  Wrap yourself in a toga, splash paint on a wall or piece of furniture, or do something equally as 'naughty' to get back the abandon you once had.  You're still in there!!!  Break FREE!!!

Comment by Donna Barker on March 11, 2013 at 12:55am

So nice to meet you Courtney.  It is true what they say, misery loves company.  I loved my design field and, like I said did a lot of window design.  I sold furniture for years and loved it, but it too was seriously affected by this bad economy.  People dont understand why I wont go back but too many hours for not any money on commision.  Wont do that again! As I said, I love working with color.  And after I wrote that the other day, I went about hanging some pictures I had purchased for our bedroom and just hadnt put the holes in the walls yet.  Yes I love painted furniture and doing different things around my house.  As I said I live in NKy. But our ( 2 story, traditional style) home in a nice neighborhood is decorated in

Comment by Donna Barker on March 11, 2013 at 12:58am

oops computer acting up  decorated in Coastal cottage.  My husband and I love the beach, so I enjoy decorating our home in unusual colors and decorative objects. We recently got our bedroom finished, and although i couldnt afford to replace any of our furniture, It turned our so cool.  It is almost too cozy, because i cant go in there without wanting to just lay down and relax!! Ill send pics later it you would like. 

Comment by Mary Courtney on March 11, 2013 at 12:58pm

Hey Donna,

So happy to have you as my first friend here! I would love to see pics of what you've been doing in your home.  When I read that you kept your furniture and worked with it I cheered!  I'm BIG into repurposing and recycling, not so much as a tree-hugger, but as a way to 'beat the system';  the system being our consumer society and the way we're made to feel stupid if we don't have the latest fashion in clothing, furniture, etc.  I've got some family heirloom furniture that belonged to Great Greats, and if they'd purged their homes of the old stuff I wouldn't have those things today.

I recently redid our kitchen on a shoestring.  It was a BLAST, and the fact that it was under $200 made me giggle as I was doing it.  I painted the cabinets (which were wood, but not GOOD wood) and hot-glued glass discs from Hobby Lobby as the backsplash. They look like bubbles, and create a wonder light effect.  We had oh-so-lovely faux butcher block laminate countertops (blech!) and I decoupaged them with maps.  I figured I didn't have anything to lose on the counters, cuz if the decoupage didn't work they were going bye-bye anyway.  But in my deep desire to beat the system and 'use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without' I wanted to work with what I had.  I used Verathane for floors in satin on the counters, and it is super durable, super cool, and as far as I know, I'm currently the only person on the face of the earth who has maps decoupaged onto her kitchen counters (a dubious honor, lol)

I painted one wall of our stairwell as an abstract painting in acrylics.  One day I got the urge and went for it.  It's crazy, colorful, and I love it.  Everyone who's seen it loves it too.  I think it has that impact of surprise, not only for the vivid colors, but because 'we're not supposed to draw on the walls.' lolol 

My current hot project is a 9' X 12' floorcloth (made of a canvas dropcloth) that is also abstract, wild and fun.  I'm using circles as the main theme, but since there are no rules, and since I can do whatever I want, and because it's not done yet, we'll see what happens.  My plan is to use the floorcloth on our front porch this summer; that is if I don't put it up for sale and make millions of dollars from it! lololol

Keep those creative juices pumping!  Great to have you as a Creative Sister!

So much to do, so little time!  I have a million and one ideas I want to accomplish.  I am going to learn to weld....something I've always wanted to do.  I want to make sculpture.  A local guy is willing to teach me, so that's very cool.  I'm also learning to use power tools so I can do some woodworking.  My husband is very good at that stuff, so I'm just watching and helping and learning.  I love to learn, and want to pick up something new every day.

Comment by Donna Barker on March 11, 2013 at 10:28pm

that very cool in your kitchen.  Wait till I show you my no sew curtains.  Im a  master of hemming tape. Youll be impressed! lol. I too am excited to have a crafty friend.  Its been too long.  As I have been sitting in bed for the last few days, Ive been making plans for my next projects and pinning on pinterest like crazy! You sound like a lot of fun and someone I would like to get to know.  Let me know about the floorcloth.  Ive been wanting to do one for my kitchen.  I need a round rug and A: cant find one I like and B: when I do find something that would work it is too expensive and usually too nice for my kitchen!! Yep I want to see pics too! Cant wait!! will be better soon and will begin to post! Just didnt know if it would be appropriate here, art not home decor being the main focus. But is some want to see it I will be glad to oblige!!!!! I did faux painting for the Creation Museum here before it opened (you can find it on the net) and it was my absolute dream job.  We did all faux finishes and even as the low guy there I didnt care! Worked with design artists from disney etc and had the best time of my life.  Would be so cool to find a job like that again.  But I do believe a job like that is once in a lifetime!! So fun though!! Till later!!!

Comment by Mary Courtney on November 1, 2013 at 7:51pm

Hi Donna!  I'm sorry I've been so remiss in writing you.  If you would like to see floorcloth pics you can ask to be my friend on Facebook.  I'm Mary Cosmas Yexley there.  As far as making a floorcloth goes, It's every bit as much artwork as what you hang on your wall, in my opinion.  As a matter of fact, it's launched me into painting smaller versions as artwork.  I seal them with Verathane for floors, so they will be suitable/durable no matter where they are.  If used as floorcloths they'll need another coat or two of Verathane yearly to keep them from wearing due to foot traffic.  I actually found this site after starting the 9' x 12' floorcloth, and my style is very much in keeping with Thaneeya McArdle...I LOVE her work!  What I learned AFTER making the gynormous floorcloth is the layering technique she uses.  I sorta kinda maybe did it, as I was crawling all over the floor painting, but there was no method to the madness, whereas I find the layering of the ENTIRE canvas in stages easier and faster and just as creative.

Hope you've had a good summer!


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