I have my canvas gesso and my paint brushes ready I'm nervous and a little bit scared. I then I think in my mind should I try watercolor or acrylic . Which is more forgiving? Which one will I mess up less with. I appreciate the canvas to much to slaughter it with my novice brush strokes and then I  breath in and out and hold off another day. Has anyone that has created these most amazing pieces of the human emotion had this problem when you first put paint to canvas? Let me know how you over came your fear .

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Comment by Angela on May 22, 2015 at 1:41pm

Hi Jennifer. I think what kind of paint you use is totally by trial and error. Try everything until you find something you like, and what seems right to you. I've tried watercolor and oils, and I always come back to acrylics..... but I can totally relate. I was just telling a friend this yesterday.....For many years, I always knew what I wanted each painting to look like. I very carefully sketched it on the canvas, and took days to get it perfect. Then when I started to paint, for some reason, it made me so tense and anxious. I wasn't really happy with anything I painted for a long time.

I was ready to give up. I actually stopped painting for a while, then a friend told me just to lay out some colors I liked, get the brushes ready, and just put paint on the canvas. And you know, I enjoyed it so much more. It was a total surprise once it was completed, because I just let myself do whatever I felt like.

I have to be honest, there have been some I'm not crazy about, but I don't feel that pressure not to "mess it up" anymore. I'm so much happier with what I'm painting, and I love not knowing what the end result will be. I think for me, it's more about the process of painting, not the picture. For you, it may be something else. But you need to find out what that is, and I think the important thing is to just start. And if you don't like it.... start again. And keep doing that, so you get in the habit of painting. The rest will come. Good luck, I know you'll be great once you find your groove!!!

Comment by Jennifer Gibson on May 22, 2015 at 11:55pm

Thank you Angela I appreciate all the advice and making me feel better about starting my painting I almost ready and then I will show everyone my painting. Wish me luck.lol

Comment by Kink Jarfold on June 4, 2015 at 12:10pm

Jennifer, I have never experienced nervous when starting a painting.  I'm self taught.  I paint what excites me -- as you can see by my shotgun approach to subject matter.  I ran my own construction company for over 30 years and NEVER had a problem--I only had CHALLENGES.  You can never mess up a painting, you can have "Happy Accidents" as Bob Ross used to say.  I have fun with what I paint, amusing that eccentric part of my psyche constantly, chuckling at my own jokes.  Now to your apprehension.  Ignore it!  Jump into that dreaded snake pit and swish away with your Vorpal sword of a paint brush at that Jabberwocky of a canvas.  Because if you are really not happy with the result (which I've certainly been) just paint over the canvas and start anew.


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