So how do you get inspired when there's no inspiration to be had.... Do you bash your head against a wall, read, sit quietly and contemplate or maybe go for a long walk, these are the age old things you come up against when hit "the mental block", what I find really helps me is I look at loads of images of art, then go for a long walk with my dogs whilst listening to music on my iPod.... From queen to pink floyd, hawk wind to Vivaldi it ca trigger something inside that brings forth the art..... And if not there's always the wall to bash your head on.

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Comment by Christine Bowerman on September 25, 2011 at 10:21pm
Hi gary, I also no what it is like, I spent over ten years not doing anything. I was very close to selling all my paints and stuff. What snaped me out of it was when my son Jeff died at the age of twenty two. I started going down to the art room to cry and look at his very prescious art work. Jeff  was giffted, he was doing tatooing on people at an early age. Arfter working through the greif I stuck a funny photo of him up ,and when I walk into the art room the first thing I see is jeffs smiling face and that reminds me of how prescious time is. So I put on some music look around at all the bits and peices, pick up a nice white blank  canvas or paper, there is something about having a white sheet of paper in front of you ,if you stare at it long enough the urge  becomes so great you have just got to make a mark on it and thats a start, and when I start getting to serious and bog down ,procrasternating, thinging about perfection,  fear, lazyness, you no all those  mind games we play with ourselfs that stops us from acheiving our goals, I look at jeffs smiling face, and I am reminded that there is no time for all that crap, Just be happy in doing or not doing.Its ok to stop and smell the roses.Gary I like your taste in music I to love hawkwind, I also like to put on the tracks from fantasia so many different tempos,its great music to splash around paint to. Please exuse my spelling, my fella checks it for me but he is asleep at the moment.
Comment by gary smith on September 26, 2011 at 9:26pm

Since I started my degree 2 years ago ( im now in my 3rd year..... 1st year  BA Hons ) Ive been through some highs and lots of lows, I questioned myself about what I was doing how I was doing it. Eeven stopped for a while and went back to basics, right now im in what i call the cul de sac im at a dead end thinking how to take on my project to exceed what I did last year.

My work deals with emotions and what happens inside our heads our thoughts and the way we bring them forth.

I like the idea of working to music and doing a series of abstracts to some of my favourite bands......I find that by talking or just writing endless blurb about my ideas sometimes appear to jump out at me...


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