Learning to put my artwork and thus self expression first (now that I have recovered my health)!

Well, I am yet another newbie here. I thought I would give you all a general background on who I am.

I have been an artist for a long time, however I ran into health issues that got in the way of focusing on creative work like I did in my thirties and early forties. I now am 63 and finally fit and raring to go. Ironic but true--it has taken years of sleuthing, however, now I feel better now than I ever have overall as long as I am good with my diet (avoiding heavy salicylates, amines, tannins -- and all trace gluten) and careful to avoid toxic chemicals and gluten in my environment.

I am planning to segue from being a property manager to being an artist and a medical and clinical hypnotherapist. I have loved doing remodeling and reconstruction as a property manager, but discovered that it is just too toxic for me to stay with much longer. Wearing gloves and a heavy duty mask only goes so far if you get my drift.

I discovered this summer however that the artist must come first--i.e., before the full on hypnotherapy business. I am otherwise too empathic and need to find balance with my self expression coming first.

I had very good luck with finding galleries and selling my artwork as a much younger woman. I am hoping I can repeat the experience, now with a lot more knowledge of how to sell my work since for a while I was in charge of a local cooperative gallery.

In addition, now I no longer get ill or experience fibromylagia like symptoms from a variety of food sensitivities--which is a huge deal for me. In the past it was a constant struggle and pretty debilitating for me and my art career. 

Right now I am at an interim stage  since I am teaching myself how to paint again. For years I thought I was allergic to all paint materials, so I focused on creating 2D/3D ceramic sculpture with a lot of scenes carved into and painted on the surface using ceramic paints I mixed myself (using a heavy duty mask of course!)--as well as doing pen and ink doodles.

Now out of necessity (due to needing to create a new ceramic studio which has not fully materialized quite yet) I have been teaching myself how to paint again. It seems the problem I had back when with acrylic and watercolor paints was due to the toxic colors rather than the fumes. So now I use disposable non latex gloves (which they didn't have thirty years ago) and am fine, while also avoiding more odorous materials like oils and printmaking or dusty pastels (which I used to love but had some very bad experiences with them). Similarly I even use gloves when I draw with colored pencil or charcoal, since I am sensitive even to the salicylates in the charcoal (hard to imagine, but all too true...) and am being cautious with the colored pencils for obvious reasons.

I also have an art/poetry/social, political and health commentary blog I call Eos: The Creative Context which I get around to attending now and then. Am always looking for new talent to feature in it, while also putting some of my artwork and poems and commentary out there too. So I am bound to ask some folks here if they'd like to submit their work now and then.

Yes--I still commit the "sin" of considering others first before myself. So now I am in the process of changing that balance so I am a little more "me first" rather than always the obliging empath. Doing my own  art is what seems to help create that balance in me since with it I am able to trance out and come back with something of value while   contacting my inner core. 

This site seems already to be helping me put my artwork and thus self expression first. So thank you so much members and creators of the Art Colony!!

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Comment by Bea Garth on November 20, 2012 at 2:13am

Hi Raina,

So sorry to hear you suffer from fibromyalgia also. 37 years is a long time. Mine developed years ago too.

Very glad to hear you connect with Spirit Energy.

Mostly I am clear of pain these days thankfully -- due in large part to finally figuring out I am extremely gluten sensitive as well as sensitive to various other natural food chemicals: salicylates, oxalates, amines, and tannins. I have thus a very restricted diet, but its so worth it to feel good vs sore, sick and tired all the time. 

Yoga and meditation, art and writing have been wonderful at helping me heal too. 

My parents by the way worked as archaeologists in the Pacific Northwest when I was a small child--so I too have been influenced by ancient ways though perhaps more subliminally than some. It helped me to know for instance that being different was OK--and in fact helped qualify one for being a shaman. I thus learned that being sensitive can be a strength rather than necessarily the burden that our society holds it in overall. 

I never did go back to sit by Native American campfires however--although I have lived in the woods pretty simply. I bet your story is an interesting tale.


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