What is your muse, or inspiration?

The other day I was in my art room supposedly drawing (I’ve got a few projects on the go), when my girlfriend came down to ask if I wanted another drink (which she often does), but instead of drawing I was playing with the cats “there you go, distracted again!” I say “They are not distractions, they are my muse” I came to our defence.
We both laughed as Clarence just walked head on into the side of my table.
“ Well, at least they are my aMUSEment!”

This made me think they just might be my muse or maybe my inspiration, and after reading a lot about what people have said
I read somewhere that pets are called ‘Furkids’, and it’s true, I am going to use that!

For me it started way before xmas past, my girlfriend wanted a black and white cat.
I have never been a fan of cats, I like birds too much, and I thought cats were a pest. Well, I agreed to have one (no choice really!).
Anyhow, months later, I saw a black and white kitten in the pet store window. There was something about him that stood out instantly I liked him.
I sent a photo of him to my girlfriend and she said no because she had picked another cat for free.(Which is Clarence).
Got him home, he was no hassle in the car, even thought it was a long trip. He was frigging awesome!
The dog loved him, they played, fought and slept together.  Ruby never normally let anyone near her bed! Not the bird, rat, C T( cat tucker), turtle, rabbitsheep or the hens!
I called him Dexter, he got on with everyone even the many visiting ‘Furkids’ . I never got so close to a cat in my life, he used to sit and sleep in the hood of my hoodie and walk around with me.  I was in a bout of depression and he brought a bit of light to the day and I started drawing. He changed my view towards cats in a big way. We only had him six months but he left a big hole. But he changed my life.

I tried to do a drawing of him as a healing process but it wouldn’t come out right. Later on I did one of our other cat Clarence, and it just fell into place from that drawing.
I realised I loved drawing cats and animals.
I now have another black and white ‘fur kid’ called Pepe, (another strange chain of events, but I‘ll save that story for later)

Pepe is another form of inspiration or muse, as I have used his eyes and whiskers in other drawings, and he sits on my shoulder or on the bench and watches me draw.
Sometimes he meows at me-I’m positive he’s talking to me and telling me where I have gone wrong or just asking me to drop everything and play with him.
At present, the furkids are my muse.

I would like to hear what started you on your art journey and what inspires you, and what is your muse?

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Comment by Meg Mackenzie on September 18, 2011 at 5:21pm
Danny, thanks so much for taking the time to share the story of some of your muses and their amazing photographs. What special creatures. I particularly love the photo of Clarence in your hoodie. What a shame that he is no longer with you.
Comment by Starr White on September 18, 2011 at 6:31pm

Danny, once again, you have made me smile from the inside out.  I love animals of all kinds, especially cats.  I live with one fat tabby named Cookie.  She is almost 16.  Her brother, Sam, died last year.  He was a tuxedo cat like your beautiful Clarence.  I think of them as little people in a fur coat.  They are so amazingly intelligent, and yes, my cat "talks" to me, too.  I know if she want to eat, if she wants her water bowl freshened up, or if she just needs a snuggle.  And she has the uncanny ability to know when I don't feel well.  We call her Cookie Nightingale because if you're sick, she will glue herself to you and never leave your side until you are well again.  I love the photos you shared of your furry family.  Thank you so much for sharing them.  You are blessed to have such a wonderful family who clearly adore you. 


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