Will You Be Left Behind if You're not on Pinterest?

Yikes!  So much Social Media out there.  So many new sites popping up to attract readers to your site.  

When I first went on Pinterest I was over the moon in love with all of the pretty pictures.  After pinning a bunch of beautiful photos, re-pinning other's photos the infatuation wore out very quickly.

That's because I just don't get it.  Most of the photos are pinned by many but the original photographer or artist gets no credit. 

However, I do understand the attraction.  We all are attracted to new, shiny objects.  Pinterest is like flipping through a fashion magazine. All of the decorating, clothes, photography can be wonderful for a few minutes of distraction, but like all social media, I find it to be a big waste of time.

Yet, why I'm on all of the social medias?  I do see a usefulness in them when done really well.  I also like to learn and try new things. 

Sad point, most of us do a lousy job at social media.

 Why all the buzz about Pinterest?  

Do you ever wonder how other's get so much attention on Pinterest?  What are they doing right?

Here's what I came up with on how to make Pinterest something valuable for yourself and your readers:

1.  Market your art, product, blog or website.  Think of Pinterest as your very own ad agency.  Pin pictures of your products (add your name and website on the photo).  Always link to your website/blog so that other's can get to know you.

2.  Give out useful information.  Again, link it to your blog/website.People love good content. Tutorials, Fact sheets, Tips, and Info-graphics. 

 3. Make a video, audio or slide show.   Offer alternate ways for others to consume your information.  

4. Make Idea boards for yourself.  Categorize your art, your ideas for your blog or website.  Make separate boards of inspiration for separate topics for your blog.

5.  Pinterest is a good place to run trials.  If people are repinning your work it's a good sign that it can be a viable product or service to sell.  Call it "Pinterest tested".

6.  Drum up interest in your website by having a contest on Pinterest. It's a great place to advertise for free.
Let me know your thoughts on Pinterest.  Any Innovative ideas for it's use?  Questions?   I can get you started pinning.

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Comment by Wynette Vass on July 25, 2012 at 2:50pm

Great info...I am a pinterest fanatic at times and do hate when I see an interesting pin and try to go to the link and it is just some picture from tumblr with no link to the actual artist or blogger. I also believe in giving credit where credit is deserved. If you pin it, give credit to the artist or arthur.

Comment by Denise Mulligan on July 25, 2012 at 4:05pm
Thanks Wynette,
Yes, it is disturbing to not know the original owner or give them the credit. That's why I post my own photos with links.
Thanks for your comment.
Comment by Christina Mcclintock on July 25, 2012 at 9:08pm

I dont really care for Pinterest, just doesnt appeal to me. I am on it but have done nothing with it. I perfer here or some other sites i belong to and i LOVE Etsy!! But hey im old, what do i know. I have so many blogs and sites i keep up with i dont know how anyone does it. LOL

Comment by Denise Mulligan on July 25, 2012 at 10:36pm

Hi Christina,

It is true that all social medias are not for everyone. Choose what makes you happy and stick with it.  I  was no longer interested in Pinterest but decided to find a good use for it.  I wanted to share my thoughts with others who may not be feeling the love for it as well.  

Thanks for sharing.


Comment by Pam Matilda on August 9, 2012 at 10:31pm

I don't like Pinterest. When it started, the first thing that came to my mind was, "oh great! another one".  lol

There are just too many to keep up with. It reached the point were I was spending so much time on the computer, I didn't have time to paint, so I finally decided where I'm going to hang out and leave the rest. I let go of Twitter, Facebook, and a few others.  I'm on Google plus, I have my art blog, and I found this place. That's it, three places to keep track of is enough for me. I do have a You Tube vlog, but I'm going to let that go soon too because it's too much to keep up with.

Comment by Denise Mulligan on August 10, 2012 at 3:27am
I hear yah PJ- the Internet just keeps growing and morphing into something new. You are doing the best parts for yourself and leaving the rest. That's all any of us can do to stay sane and happy on the web.

Glad you are here on the Art Colony.

Thanks for adding to the conversation.



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