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 On October 23, 2010, I gave myself a birthday/ retirement gift of a beginners’ drawing class.  I used this class to help me to get over retirement and I’d hoped to learn the basics of drawing.  Over the next year and a half, the women there gave me unconditional support and through trial and error I taught myself to draw.

As a child, art kept me company for hours.  Also as a young child, I discovered fashion through Harper’s, paper dolls, Barbie and Vogue.  By teen years, I was creating clothes, hairstyles, make-up and accessories for pay.  I fabric shopped in the day, fitted and finished after dinner, and sewed well into the wee hours.  Additionally, I baked, barbered, and did hair.  I was raking in more cash than my peers and most parents.  I was paid, but my academic side was being neglected.

Fortunately, an opportunity to attend college came along.  I took advantage of it.  Early in the first semester, I asked to declare art as a major.  The counselor became so incensed that he threatened to give my scholarship to a more “worthy” student.  I didn’t realize that he had no authority to do that, so I chose a “worthwhile” major.  I’ve not had one regret since choosing an alternative major.  It’s allowed me to do a different art form and share it over several decades with a few thousand folks.  I loved it until I was no longer allowed. 

Since 2010, I’ve learned that I can reproduce what’s before me.  In my early years, that was an issue for me, though my teachers were fine when I couldn’t.  They called me creative. The realization that I could produce what I saw, took two months to discover.  Once I learned that, I felt free to try various art styles and forms.  Like most who do art, I hyper-criticize my work.  But, I don’t compete and I don’t ask for approval.  I just do what makes me happy and do my personal best.  I can still lose whole days creating.  I love faces and folks, I’ve discovered.  So, whatever style or technique I’m learning, gets applied to faces or folks.  My most recent fascination is tangling. I learned to apply it specifically to faces and bodies.

For the most part, what you see on my page is a progression from one application to another while focusing on the face and the body.  Thanks for sharing your work.  Finally, (with help) I’m sharing mine.

Keep creating,

Dee Harris


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Comment by Kink Jarfold on June 12, 2015 at 2:52pm

Dee, so many of us are self taught--yours truly being one.  Yours is a story similar to mine.  However, I never had the opportunity to actually pursue the "learning of how to" do art.  Thank goodness for on line videos.  They've taken the place of teachers for me and I can learn at my leisure. The fact that you used your creativity to earn a nice living is ideal.  It makes work and earning a living fun.


Comment by dee harris on June 12, 2015 at 10:43pm

kink, thanks for taking the time to read my profile. art, until about 10 years ago, was a regular part of the public school curriculum.  but everything taught was prescribed and depended on the budget. inner-city meant humble budget, so techniques were limited to quick and cheap, (not always a negative) but did not provide the opportunity exploring the genre. as an adult i mentioned taking classes and being supported by other students in those classes. i was taught nothing, not even the grades of pencils, paper or what made a good bush good.  so, i'll buy a book or see a technique used by another artist and try it. i love teaching myself, so it's not a problem.  but i have observed that some artists have divisive catagories and some will not share.  

when i made money w my "creativity" our economy was all but closed to me.  i used what i had and thank goodness, it paid off.  it was fun and it was liberating to know that i could earn a good living just doing fun stuff. but when i traded one art for another, i was just as happy.  in that art form, i was the teacher. i shared everything at my disposal.  now i'm going to read your profile, if you have one.  and again thanks for taking the time to look. 



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