I'm still rather new here so I guess I should tell you all a bit about myself. I'm 29 years old and going to college for art, though up until then i was all self taught as the schools i'd gone to didn't have a shred of art in them. Now that i'm going to school for it... i can say i've learned very little because of where I go... 

Sadly i'm STILL self taught lol But I do know quite a bit about art history and terms now.

Though I am learning more about 3D creations, which is a big passion of mine! I love things like sculptures and now ceramics. I don't have anything to show yet as i'm just in my first ceramics class, but i'm in love with clay! That being said i've really found an area i think I can exist in. In college anyway. Working all day on ceramics kind of gives my hands something else to do so when i get home i'm full of 2D ideas! 

Something that has always bothered me though has been the fact that my art has been... well, vending machine art. "vending machine" meaning like...someone asks, I give it. I've been very fortunate to be able to find customers and get paid a little for my art, but really... to me it hasn't been art. I haven't been truly happy creating art in years. About 8 years if i think back and count a few. This semester in college i'd been forced to think about what my art means to me though, and let me tell you it's been a ride. 

I've come to this conclusion though, art to me is my escape. I create worlds and I play in them. I express myself and scream through it, I cry and rejoice with it. It's something I had lost while creating small art pieces for people with their characters and their expressions... I didn't know what "art" really was. But i'm starting to get that now. And though I haven't been here for long i can say that this community does inspire me very much! Seeing all of you paint and create whether it be collage or watercolor... it's really inspiring me to create stuff! So here's hoping it'll keep going and I'll actually find my art happy again haha~

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