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At 9:06pm on October 9, 2019, Adam Darr said…

Hi Martin,

Ok, I am a bit coloured blind so it is always interesting to understand what colours what others artists use. 


At 8:01pm on October 9, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

 If you were as prolific as I am you wouldn't have time for so much wonderful detail and I'm sure you'd be unhappy with the less detailed  work.  I'm  retire so there's no calls on my time

I've slowed down a lot   although I did do three sketches in a cafe that I haven't posted yet. I can also flit between my scribbles,  watercolour and acrylic paintings all in the same day

It is getting very disappointing Hov few people post  now and some of those that post never reply to comments  or comment on others work which is a big shame because when I joined there could be 3 or 4 pages of comment.

 I'm please that the community art gallery that I'm a member of has just reopened  at least I can show three pieces on a gallery wall now.

Do you post elsewhere

At 12:23pm on October 4, 2019, Dorothy Macready said…

Thanks Martin.   It is a good feeling when a client is happy.  I recall one lady in tears and talking to my portrait of her departed dog.  She gave me more money than I had asked for.  I was just so pleased that she liked it.

At 7:18pm on October 1, 2019, Dorothy Macready said…

I'm sure your clients will love Sofie's portrait.   When I do a commission of an animal I always look at their faces when I show them my work.  I can usually tell if they really like it or if they are doubtful.  Let us know if they like it please.

At 7:47pm on September 28, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

Thanks for the wonderful comments Martin it's greatly appreciated 

At 4:49pm on September 14, 2019, marilyn grimble said…

Thank you Martin. Mxx 

At 1:44am on September 12, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

Thanks Martin I was pleased how the perspective worked out on this. I  much prefer working on canvas than paper and as you can imagine they take up lots of rooms. I must have at least 300 canvases  then I have over a 1000 on A3 paper plus a big box full of pads from my scribbles so the occasional culling is needed

At 10:35am on September 11, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

That you Martin  for your kind comment.  I've had a long break from acrylic painting because I've started to run out of storage. What I normally do now  is look through them     and attack the ones that I don't like, with a Stanley knife last time I chopped up 50 paintings

At 7:15pm on August 31, 2019, Adam Darr said…

Hi Martin,

Hope your well, I was reading an article yesterday about Laurel & Hardy  how they both died pretty well penniless, sad they brought so much joy for so many people. First time I have drawn or painted them, made me smile even as I was creating this.

Glad it made you smile.


At 4:06pm on August 13, 2019, Nelson Failing said…

Hi are very welcome...I have been doing some art but not really at the caliber they should be at...most of what Im doing now are jus doodles and simple stuff...things that jus pop in my head at the moment and I jus go with it...nothing

At 10:30am on August 13, 2019, Dorothy Macready said…

If you ever find yourself in Edinburgh take a wander into the Nation Gallery of Scotland where you will see (up close and personal) a painting by Constable.  You can see the brushstrokes.  I stood there peering it at and hoping to learn from it.  Again I do not have the talent.   There were no barriers around this painting but I expect that if you tried to take it from the wall all hell would break loose.  Enjoy your day.

At 7:59pm on August 12, 2019, Dorothy Macready said…

Hi martin.   I google Alexander and his work is amazing.  Like you I had never heard of him.  The way he handles satin and velvet like fabrics is to die for.  I once spent an afternoon in the portrait gallery of Scotland and one picture was of Madam Pompadour and you would have thought if you touched the silk of her dress it would be just like the real thing.

At 12:18pm on August 1, 2019, Dorothy Macready said…

I do agree Martin.   I don't know whether it was a sultry look or one where a laugh or smile was not far away.

At 6:46pm on July 28, 2019, Adam Darr said…

Many thanks for your comments on Rutger Hauer, who sadly passed away.

I was watching Blade Runner, just before I did this artwork when found out he had passed away, gone but not forgotten.


At 6:46am on July 21, 2019, Laurel Nichols said…

Thank you very much Martin for your kind comment on my artwork!

At 9:11pm on July 13, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

Many thanks for your comments Martin. I though it was time to get back onto my easel in my playroom.

I've been doing lot of my scribbles, I've done a number of watercolours and as I counted 25  blank canvases in my room  I though its time to use some, this one of the smaller ones

At 6:06pm on July 11, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

I was surprised that you are that quick, I've see others that can take months over a similar. Piece 

At 7:58pm on July 8, 2019, Adam Darr said…

Thanks Martin, been a while since I posted anything on the site. When the weather is nice I would rather be out there pottering around. I think this must be my third version of this image. I did this few nights ago, so pleased that you like it.


At 11:36pm on June 11, 2019, Laurel Nichols said…

Thank you Martin for your comments! Your portraits are wonderful, always be those I admire! Have a nice day!

At 6:17am on June 1, 2019, Eleanor Van De Bogart said…

You do impressive portraiture.


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