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At 7:29am on May 20, 2019, Mark Bedwell said…

Thanks Martin mate......doncha just love a scruffy dog.

Don't have a dog myself. My lifestyle wouldn't be fair on the animal.

At 6:23pm on May 13, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

I don't  suppose the cyanide,  warfin,  that they used to give themselves a buzz, the white lead that they on their faces  and in their wigs  also the many other strong drugs that were used  . Even the original group humble victory v lozenges  were laced with ether, chloroform  cannabis.

He was certainly  a strange old thing Lord bath i dont  suppose  he'd  have sold anything without his name  

At 10:28am on May 11, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

Many thanks. keeping up with me in full flow would be extreamly  difficult  as i got to 25 in one busy day. It  doesn't  matter how busy a day is there are alway lulls  where i can get a few scribbles in  and then I often batch  colour them so i might have 4 or 5 picture and using one colour at a time flick through  the pages using that colour until I've  used the colours I want , its an extreamly fast process  as i don't  have to keep cleaning my brush

At 10:01am on May 11, 2019, Mark Bedwell said…

Thanks Martin.......your comments made me laugh. I knew you'd say something like that. :o)

At 9:43pm on May 10, 2019, Adam Darr said…

Hello Martin,

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my artwork Al Pacino.


At 9:09am on May 6, 2019, Mark Bedwell said…

Thanks mate.

At 2:48pm on April 30, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

Thanks Martin  . To be truthful  looking at your art I always thought that You've  been classically  trained as they look like they're  in the style of some of the old masters  which make your work all the more amazing that you're  self taught.  Your practice sessions must have been long and hard won and you must have a great deal of Patience and dedication , 

for me I have very little  patience and very little dedications and if i'm  not happy with a painting in 3 to 4 hour I'd  probably  blank it out. It's why I do so many of my scribbles they're fast,  i  can record all the days events in an houror two  of scribbling

Talking to other people who do work like yours they always say that find it almost impossible to  paint in a looser  style and finding it frustrating  that every time it gets a Bit  Freer they have a fight with themselves  trying not to to correct  things. i do envy  your dedication  but I think I'm  happy with things how they are with what I do.

Best wishes paul

At 8:16pm on April 29, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

That's a lot Martin.  Apart from a bit of pottery at school I've  not had any art training so I try and make  the lack of it with enthusiasm and having as much fun as i can with painting.. I managed  another quick painting while waiting for the grandkids to come out of school  and as i caught a glimpse  of the river Thames in my travels today  i thought I'd  do one of the people fishing on the old sea wall

At 4:30pm on April 24, 2019, Laurel Nichols said…

Your artwork looks like finished by brushes, they really look nice!

At 4:41pm on April 8, 2019, Laurel Nichols said…

You are welcome and thank you Martin!

At 12:19pm on April 8, 2019, Mairi McLeod said…

Thankyou Martin for all the likes and the lovely comment

At 5:47pm on April 7, 2019, marilyn grimble said…

Thank you Martin - it's from my own photograph too.

I have given the framed painting to the owner of this local camp site. Mxx

At 4:39am on April 5, 2019, Nelson Failing said…

Youre welcome Martin...oh and thank you for the compliment on my art....I really appreciate it

At 10:51am on March 25, 2019, marilyn grimble said…

Thank you Martin - it's a complete change for me! Mxx

At 9:02pm on March 24, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

Thank you very much on your comment on my scribbles. It has been mentioned before  about doing some form of children's book but i wouldn't  know where to start . These  only started out as a visual  diary  and they still are about events that happen around me  best wishes paul

At 5:16pm on March 20, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

That you Martin  I'm glad that you like them

At 11:43pm on March 12, 2019, Adam Darr said…

Nice to meet you too, Martin, I look forward to viewing your next artwork.


At 12:47pm on March 11, 2019, Adam Darr said…

Hello Martin,

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my artwork Jan Michael Vincent.

So pleased that you like it.


At 8:55am on March 10, 2019, Mark Bedwell said…

Thanks for the compliment on my crow Martin.

At 1:10pm on March 8, 2019, R L Oliver said…

Glad you liked the drawing of the Guambianos!


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