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At 10:56pm on March 7, 2018, Ted said…

Thanks Nelson for the comment on my Water Carriers, I found an old piece of mat board from when I used to do my own framing and thought the colour was just right.

If ever you feel that any of my work gives you inspiration to do something based on it, please go ahead. I will be most flattered.


At 10:15pm on March 7, 2018, Mary Rogers said…

Thanks Nelson for your lovely comments and the likes too. I appreciate that!

At 6:19pm on March 6, 2018, Ted said…

Thanks Nelson for the comment and encouragement on my landscape.


At 12:45am on March 5, 2018, Ted said…

Thanks Nelson for the comments & like on my Stork. I look through public domain pictures, my own photos and various copyright free sites. If I find something I like I will use it. The main thing is if I do not like a subject I will not draw it. That is why I very rarely do commissions.


At 7:10pm on March 3, 2018, Paul Dodd said…

I think you're right I have been a busy boy I though I had about 100 paintings on canvas in the house,  I have pulled the out of hiding places  I have about 250 ranging from 8 x8 inches to 24 x 20 inch   and while writing this I vaguely remember tucking some under the bed but I can't check and my wife would get grumpy as she's asleep now. us about 1500 on paper not including my scribble pads

that going to be one hell of a bonfire one day 

it's 3 years in April that I started painting

At 6:03pm on March 3, 2018, R L Oliver said…

Thanks Nelson!  Always good to hear compliments!

At 4:24pm on March 2, 2018, Paul Dodd said…

here's how I have fu  in bad weather .

At 11:03am on March 1, 2018, Paul Dodd said…

I enjoy the snow thanks Nelson but I'm not happy with temperatures much above mid 70°c. at one time i'd be out on a motor bike having fun it the snow . I used to go camping in minus 10°c 

At 4:53pm on February 28, 2018, Ted said…

Thanks Nelson for the comments and like on John Steed. If you zoom in to a higher magnification you will see that the hair is just a lot of lines of different shades. The result was more luck than skill. lol.

Have a great day.  Ted

At 12:43pm on February 28, 2018, Paul Dodd said…

I would say that it would be something you'd love to see  but within minutes you'd be running for the nearest roaring fire to warm your cheaks ..cold hands are not so bad  after a few hours out you might not feel your feet  but if you get a draft up your back that takes ages to warm up

At 10:52am on February 28, 2018, Mary Rogers said…

Hi Nelson, thank you so much for your nice comment and the like too on my kittens pastel. It's always much appreciated.

At 6:25am on February 27, 2018, R L Oliver said…

Glad you liked my Thinking of Water painting!  You likes are appreciated

At 10:47am on February 26, 2018, Mary Rogers said…

Nelson, this may sound strange but the best pencil sharpeners I've found for my pencils is in the cosmetic dept. I bought 2 Cover Girl eye pencil sharpeners and they last a whole lot longer than the General ones I get at Hobby Lobby and don't seem to break my pencils either. You might want to give them a try!

At 5:54am on February 26, 2018, Mary Rogers said…

Thanks again, Nelson. Yes, it helps to have a nice point on those pencils when doing those tiny hairs.

At 4:58pm on February 25, 2018, Mary Rogers said…

Hi Nelson, the pastel pencils can be used along with the pastel sticks. They're really good even just by themselves, but they're best when you can use them for smaller areas and the sticks for the larger areas. I used only pastel pencils on the old man portrait. I use a manual hand held pencil sharpener to sharpen them, not an electric one.

At 3:41pm on February 25, 2018, Mairi McLeod said…

Thanks for the like Nelson - memories of days gone by!

At 3:32pm on February 25, 2018, Mary Rogers said…

Thank you Nelson for your fine comment and the like too on my pastel portrait. The pastel pencils are so nice to use..they blend just like the sticks and I do blend when I need to. I appreciate your lovely words.

At 8:49pm on February 23, 2018, Ted said…

Thanks Nelson for the great comments on mt Rhino.. I think I get the finish because I blend with a pencil blender in small circles and press really hard.


At 3:50am on February 23, 2018, Pamela Meredith said…

thank you, Nelson, for your comment on my pond much appreciate, it takes practice with pastel if you don't mind getting messy there great just keep some wet ones to wipe your hands to keep your work clean

At 5:04pm on February 22, 2018, Ted said…

Thanks for the like on Agatha.



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