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At 7:43pm on August 8, 2015, Lisa Nearhood said…

Love your work

At 10:35pm on July 31, 2015, Kristina Mikkelson Casanova said…

Georgette have missed you and your wonderful work  get well and come back.

At 10:24pm on July 31, 2015, michele josiane martin said…

g, rest up well my dear, i forgot to say, and eat fruit, i think it is so good for us and so yummy too, i eat mine with sweet yoghurt, white, creamy greek-style but sweet. i'm sure you have this product. i am hooked on it with my fruit.

and it keeps me well.....sort-of!

so, asa i said, take care my dear, be very gentle with yourself g, and do a little art every day, even just a small drawing....i love your animal, kitties and puppies. they are so gorgeous to me. i adore your depiction of the black scottie. taakes me back to my childhood. i had one that i adored, called ginny you know. so cute.

but they are very expensive, i would love to buy one, one day. hmmm. i don't know if i will last 15 years though. we'll see.


At 10:17pm on July 31, 2015, michele josiane martin said…

oh g you have been the best of friends. unfortunately i am like you, no more flooding the site with art for now i'm afraid! but i hope for a future, i'm not going to let this bring me down...i know there is no cure, but many recover well and i plan to do the same! take care and we will talk again soon-ish!

and thank you for going to so much trouble as to post me a parcel...i am thrilled to bits, hering directly from you and holding your real handwriting! super lady that you are,

love you you georgette, shell xxx

ps 5 weeks to my first grand-daughter - what a world eh? she will be a virgo. i hope she has a wonderful life - imagine living in this century for all of your life. wow. it will be different that is certain!

At 2:19am on July 11, 2015, michele josiane martin said…

g, you are so sweet, commenting on my art work, thank you darlin', from the bottom of my heart, truly...

sdhell xxx

At 7:44pm on June 22, 2015, Kristina Mikkelson Casanova said…

Just had to look at your profile.  What a grat career. I too write but nothing worth publishing.  I used to read christian love novels from Grace Livingston   any relation?   I love your art and now will have to look for one of your books as i am an avid reader..  How exciting. I too love Johnny Depp and used to watch the food Chanel as well (but cannot where I live now). People say I have stories that go with my drawings and will think of one for you.  God bless you. xxxxx

At 10:43am on June 17, 2015, Lyn Pilgrim said…

Thank-you Georgette I do love your art I'm sorry I don't comment more often !! Enjoy your day, Lyn x

At 2:30am on June 1, 2015, Fran Hoffpauir said…

Hey there, Georgette,

Thank you so much for the background on Mountain Love Song.  What a nice memory of time spent with your husband.  I'm sure this isn't the last Georgette Livingston novel I'll read.  Have a wonderful week.


At 7:14pm on May 30, 2015, Fran Hoffpauir said…

Hey Georgette,

It's Mountain Love Song.  I love your dialogue and your descriptions.  You've written so many things.  I'm still working on my first one.  ^_^

You have a wonderful weekend, too.


At 4:16pm on May 30, 2015, Fran Hoffpauir said…

Good morning, Georgette,

Thank you so much for reading my interview and looking at my art work.  I really appreciate it.  The last couple of days, when I have a few minutes, I've been reading one of your books on my Kindle.  I love your writing.


At 11:12am on May 16, 2015, Lyn Pilgrim said…

Thank-you Georgette have a great weekend, Lyn x

At 3:35pm on May 11, 2015, Patricia Kim Worsley said…

Thanks so much Georgette, that's the only thing when we have friends here AND on face book hahahaha, you end up commenting all day lol!! :)

At 3:58pm on May 3, 2015, Lyn Pilgrim said…

Thank-you Georgette for your very kind comment on my geranium, have a great week, Lyn x

At 9:45pm on May 1, 2015, michele josiane martin said…

thanks g! are you feeling better now? a little bird told me you have OA. SNAP i have it too! but i wish thaat were the least of my problems right now! never mind. i will press on ROAR!

At 12:47am on May 1, 2015, michele josiane martin said…

thank you g! now we can waaste even more time on fb!

At 7:17pm on April 29, 2015, michele josiane martin said…

g yah! art journals are BRILLIANT therapy. have a look on you tube! there are no rules! xxx

At 8:20pm on April 2, 2015, Lyn Sierra said…

Hi Georgette!  Please to meet you.  I am new to this colony and just coming back to my old love and just started painting again after more than 30 years.  I wanted to say Grandma Moses started painting at the age of 80.  But as I read your bio, you do have many accomplishments and successes, even up to now.  What more could you ask for?  It sounds you have a wonderful family, you are still up and about, you've got new friends...I say WoW!  I wish I could reach your age like you're starting anew.  Love your works and perhaps, I'll go to Amazon and buy your novels.  Love to read, too.  Take care and I'll be following.

At 3:38am on March 25, 2015, Cathey E. DeRosa said…


You are an amazing woman. What a true example of strength and faith for all of us. I still have something to send in the mail. First time around I had the wrong zip. I corrected it, but have not gotten to the PO.

Will do. My daughter and grand daughter come in tomorrow from Ohio and we are so flippin' excited, we can hardly stand it. So, I have something so dear to look forward to and have a great time for the next few weeks. PTL!

Take care, dear friend and may He, our God, continue to sustain you.


At 2:06am on March 22, 2015, Maureen Craddock said…
Georgette I'm so happy it arrived ! I also thought we were "friends" oh well it's about time ! I'm so happy that you are feeling better. Are you able to create art again ? I hope so because it's obviously your passion. Be well, xo Maureen
At 10:07pm on March 21, 2015, michele josiane martin said…

g, i got a copy of beth's letter to you, so i know about her worries. thanks, i've sent her a line... xxx


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