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At 9:30pm on May 2, 2018, Jeri Jay said…

Great work!!!!

At 7:57am on April 30, 2018, Jeri Jay said…

Hi John. Thank you so much for your comments on my artwork. It is very much appreciated. How have you been doing. I haven't been one the site for a while. I've just been trying to keep up!!! Have a great day. I look forward to visiting the site a little more regularly.       Jeri

At 5:20pm on April 27, 2018, Ted said…

Thank you John for the like and comments on Ron Howard. He hasn't really changed that much over the years. A bit fatter in the face, like most of us as old age gallops up. lol


At 4:32am on April 27, 2018, Paul Dodd said…

Thanks John for you comment on my kite flying  I think kites still have a place in the world because the don't run flat and a kid with flat batteries is a miserable thing.  here's a link  to some pictures that I took last year of kites in action a couple on miles from me , now if I was fitter I'd throw away my electronic  toys and join them

At 10:06pm on April 26, 2018, Mary Rogers said…

Hello my friend, many thanks for your wonderful comments and the likes on my pastel artwork. I always appreciate it.

At 10:42pm on April 25, 2018, P.J Fields said…

Thanks for the like and great comment on my John Lennon portrait John.Much appreciated!

At 9:01pm on April 25, 2018, Pamela Meredith said…

thank you, John, for your lovely comment on Milford Sounds much appreciated

At 7:07am on April 25, 2018, Harry13 said…

Hi Mate. Soon be in your shorts sucking on your ice lolly to cool down. Our heatwave has gone. back in the teens now (:-(   H

At 9:04pm on April 24, 2018, Ted said…

Thank you John for the like and comments on ANZAC day.


At 8:01am on April 24, 2018, Mary Rogers said…

Hello my friend, thanks so much for your beautiful comment and the like too on my "Victorian Lady" pastel. I enjoyed doing that one. Something a little different from all my animal drawings. I appreciate it always.

At 6:02pm on April 23, 2018, Ted said…

Thank you John for the like and the lovely comments on my Tanzanian Orphan. Your thoughts are always appreciated.


At 5:53pm on April 23, 2018, Paul Dodd said…

Thanks John.  it does sound strange with the foxes and  cats,  there are certain  cats I always see with foxes . My old cat todd would often sit on the shed with a couple of foxes.  I've seen some massive dogs 9 or 10 times the size of a cat back down and run from an angry cat  so perhaps the town foxes learn as cubs not to mess with cats  and have learned to live together.  Many cat and dogs manage to live under one roof ok. although  my last  dog woody and cats tod and tia never got on  and lived in separate parts of the house  and although woody was 5 times bigger than the cats he always came off worse if the had a go at each other

At 10:26am on April 23, 2018, Mary Rogers said…

Hello my friend, thank you for your fine comment on my tiger pastel. Yep, that one was from a pmp ref. photo and you're was hard to do! I appreciate your kind words always.

At 6:08am on April 23, 2018, Renate Fekete said…

superb work

At 4:30am on April 23, 2018, Marilyn G said…

John, you are always so courteous with your thank yous, and you get so many comments it must take time.  We too had a warm few days, such a treat isn't after a long winter.  I have been away a bit and will be some more, so may miss commenting sometimes, but your paintings always are perfect. Xx

At 9:28am on April 22, 2018, Paul Dodd said…

Thanks John. Last year  2 vixens between the  gave birth to about 9 cubs under a big shed in next doors garden

This year I can hear young call from the shed but I haven't  seen any yet..

As rusty has exactly  the same colouring as foxes it'll  be hard to tell if he was the dad

A country fox needs about a 9 mile range  whereas an urban fox can feed well on range on about half the size of a football field.

Because they're so use to people they have almost no fear  and there are lots of cases of foxes entering houses we had one in soon after our last dog died . in one case a couple of years ago they went into a house and chewed on the fingers and toes  of two  babies in there upstairs bedroom


At 6:52am on April 22, 2018, Sandi Vince said…

Thank you very much John.  The Riverine Rabbit can only be found in the Northern Cape of South Africa.  They are near extinction.  There is only about 200 left.  They not like other rabbits in breeding, in that only one baby to each rabbits.  The baby is born blind. 

At 5:30pm on April 20, 2018, Mary Rogers said…

HI John, thanks so much my friend for your wonderful comment and the like too on my Cool Cat pastel. I really appreciate that!

At 12:08pm on April 20, 2018, P.J Fields said…

LOL. Who knows with that crazy weather back there,there might just be a heat wave next week and you may be golfing in shorts& t-shirts!! Have a good week end, P.J.

At 9:33am on April 20, 2018, P.J Fields said…

Just reading the Hamilton Spec. here with my morning coffee and noticed it's -3 back in Ont. I might be wrong but I don't think I can remember it being still in the -'s this late in April?Strange!!But relief is on the way from the old Hippys of B.C,warm temps,but hold the rain!!  lol,enjoy my friend!   Take care P.J.


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