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At 1:36pm on February 11, 2014, Kat said…

Thank you Ruth!

At 7:56am on August 22, 2013, William Schmidt said…

Thanks Ruth

At 12:28pm on July 4, 2013, Todd Sentell said…

Many thanks for your kind words, Ruth!  I'm glad you enjoyed the funny stuff ... I know I enjoyed painting it and living most of it!


At 2:03pm on July 3, 2013, Sharon Schumann said…

Hello Ruth ...Thanks so very much for the kind comment on my Winter In Germany pastel!! Much appreciation!

At 2:16pm on June 6, 2013, Rich Berry said…

Hi Ruth

Thank you for your faith in me to comment on your artwork. I certainly am not a good one to be a critic. I have only been doing this since June 2011. As I look at the work in chronological order I can see vast improvement. On your later work you have a great grasp of tone and shadow to add 3 dimension to the piece. On the ship I would go for a higher angle to get a little better view of the distance. As it is, you only show the forground and it makes it look as though the world ends at the back side of the ship. Other than that (which is minor) I love what you are doing. If you keep growing this much with every piece, you will be scary good in no time.

I don't know if anything I have said helps you. But I don't feel qualified to direct anyone. Just keep on keepin' on!


At 11:53pm on June 5, 2013, D'Ann Douglas said…

Hi Ruth: This is kinda embarASSing but I just discovered your message.  Thank you so much for your encouraging words!!  I've been having a lot of trouble prioritizing my fairly new life as an artist.  I was a legal assistant for 25 years working for demanding attorneys and am used to taking direction, kicking ass to follow it (them) and working as a team.  My gears are way shut down sometimes as a result of resigning that career and trying to discover my new Life. I'm beginning a book called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron for aspiring artists which helps one discover their creativity from blocks, fear, self-sabatoge, etc. So So much to learn, discover, and do and don't spend enough time on here at all but that's gonna change starting now.  I didn't even know there was a place for comments way down at the bottom of my page!!! Til a bit ago. You are very talented.  Malasia??? Really? Wow.  What an exotic place on Earth to be. Were you born there? Do you enjoy living there?  Most importantly, to me, how's the food?  Yum! : )

At 3:15am on April 2, 2013, Rich Berry said…

Glad we are friends.

At 1:14pm on March 27, 2013, Nelson Failing said…

youre very welcome Ruth...keep up the good work and always strive to improve and get better as you go along...would you believe I am still learning and working at improving my work...I take bits and pieces from other artists and incorporate them into my works giving it my style or twist...trying to make it my own...when i see a piece or work I like I try to see how would I have done it and then do my version of that piece

At 8:02pm on December 3, 2012, Oren Comidi said…

thank you very much for your comment!  I think the picture you were talking about is not a self portrait. if you meant the same picture as my profile picture than it is me, but the other one next to it, in my gallery isn't me.

thank you very much :)

At 1:45am on October 8, 2012, Richard Mittelstadt said…

Thank you, Ruth, for kind comments.

At 9:33pm on October 5, 2012, Shelly-Ann T. said…

Thank you Ruth.  I'm working on some stuff now so hopefull I will be able to share a few.

At 11:52am on October 5, 2012, Anne Ch. said…

Hello Ruth, 

Thank you so so much, I am very glad, that someone likes my "tries with colors" :D I am beginner. Your work is really beautiful, I like it, please, continue! Good luck, Anne :) 

At 7:49pm on September 19, 2012, Leila Angelina said…

Thank you so much, Ruth, for your nice comment! :-)) I really adore your avatar piece and your "dia de los muertos"... :-)

At 3:50am on September 14, 2012, Sharon Crowder said…

Thank you so much, Ruth, for your interest and kind comments about my horse artwork!

At 4:48am on September 11, 2012, Branden Eslinger said…

Thank you Ruth. That really means something to me. The ocean to me is very peaceful. I could think about it for hours.

At 6:48pm on August 26, 2012, Iveta Autratová said…

thank you so much Ruth!!

At 6:44pm on August 26, 2012, Sue Pownall said…

Thank you for your kind comment.

At 3:31pm on August 22, 2012, Christina Mcclintock said…

no, my MOTHER went to school at Fairmont High School with him. My grandmother had a bunch of pictures. I took a trip up there several years ago and the lady in the musuem knew of my mother (also a famous musican) and said " oh, ive got to show you something" and she took me upstairs and showed me a bunch of on stage pictures of my mom and James Dean performing. It was an amazing trip. I learned so much. They even rode the bus together. then this lady took me down to some coffee shop and the bus driver was still alive (late 90's) and he remembered them both on his bus. I felt like i stepped back in time.

At 3:56pm on July 23, 2012, Thaneeya McArdle said…

Hi Ruth, and welcome to the Art Colony!  I hope you enjoy the site - there's a lot to explore here, so have a look around and make yourself at home. You'll find plenty of art and inspiration!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do feel free to contact any of the moderators.

Be sure to read through the Member Guidelines, which explains things like what type of art you can post and what you can't - for instance, nudes and photography are not permitted.

We've also put together a handy Guide to Getting Started, which may help answer any questions you may have, such as how to create a bio for your page.

Most of all have fun and join in the forums and groups!  Can't wait to see your art. :)

Best Wishes, Thaneeya (Moderator)


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