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At 1:56pm on October 1, 2014, R L Oliver said…

As you indicated an interest in watercolor portraits I have another one I´ll post this morning before grocery shopping. It is called displaced. Please give me your impression of it after viewing. I need all the feedback I can get from fellow members because I am new to the art world and have so much to learn! Regards to you.

At 1:54pm on October 1, 2014, R L Oliver said…

Thank you for the warm receptive words. It´s nice to know that somebody appreciates your work.

At 8:41pm on September 30, 2014, R L Oliver said…

Cathey, I spend most of my time on ... do you ever go there? I have posted a new work earlier today called Counting Shadows. May be of interest to you if you like to work in watercolor.

At 1:21pm on September 28, 2014, Pat said…

Thank you Cathey.

At 8:28am on September 28, 2014, Nelson Failing said…

Oh dear Cathey....I hear you and I know what youre saying....and I know its outta love paired with frustration so how can I ever get mad at you...I think many of the other women here are also frustrated with me coz they've been telling me the same thing like just don't know why im not pursuing this opportunity...maybe when I thanx again for your words of encouragement...

At 9:10pm on September 14, 2014, Linda B said…

Oh my, Cathey.  You do have some challenges ahead.  You asked about Smooch.  I probably got the first one at Michael's.  That's where I do most of my shopping; it is about 5 minutes from my house~~~too tempting!  I've also seen them at Amazon's website (of course, you can get almost anything there!)

hugs, linda

At 9:23pm on September 12, 2014, Linda B said…

Hi again, ma'am.  Thanks so much for your additional notes.  You asked various questions about the media that I used for the little pieces I sent you.  In truth, I can't recall too clearly!!  I do know I used an item called Smooch for the shiny coloring.  Have you come across Smooch?  It is a coloring thing - comes in a little bottle that looks like nail polish.  You can use them only for coloring small details, and so - it worked perfectly for the little drawings I did in that 'match book."  I find myself wanting to try all different coloring instruments - but then I run out of time and don't use them.  I have much stuff that is just waiting, patiently, for me to play with them!!  ~~sending loads of good wishes! Linda

At 10:55am on September 11, 2014, Linda B said…

Oh Cathey - my eyes are misty with tears.  How wonderfully amazing.  Whatever prompted me to reach out to you was guided by a power greater than you and me.  I have honestly never experienced this before.  ~~will write more later.



At 6:04am on September 3, 2014, Nelson Failing said…

Aloha you are a year older than me...that's many children do you have and have any offered to take you in?...should you get into that govt housing, will the rent be based on your monthly income? they are tiny dogs huh?...seems like a strange mix but what do I know about dog you for thinking of me as a good friend....the feeling is mutual...ok, I will wait for your next mssg....take care....Nelson

At 5:54pm on September 1, 2014, Nelson Failing said…

Hi Cathey....oh no I don't mind the questions....maybe I need to retire to actually pursue this art venture of I don't know what pekapoos are so I will have to look them up...I am assuming they are I ask you a personal question, how much money do you need to scrape up to get into govt housing? does that work?...what about monthly rent?...will it be easier for you away from your mom?...jus wondering....well maybe that wasn't one question huh?...sorry....have a good day

At 11:07am on September 1, 2014, Linda B said…

Cathey, I love your upbeat perspective; thanks for the morale boost.

~~sorry to hear of your health challenges.

many good wishes,


At 10:09pm on August 31, 2014, Linda B said…

Thanks for your note and your sweet comments about my painting.  I do indeed love color; you nailed that!

I didn't take a picture of my 'vacation' ATC's; drats - so I can't post them myself. 

Do you find that some folks you are supposed to receive an atc from never sends them?  I have had that happen; most annoying!~~but I don't want to end on a negative note.  I love your work; playing with so many different media.  I do that, too.  :-)s

At 9:54pm on August 31, 2014, Nelson Failing said…

Hi good to hear from must have been a nice feeling to have someone respond to your arts and crafts huh?...I really don't know what im waiting for to get my artworks out there....ppl tell me all the time to sell them but I do nothing about it...Ive even had ppl offer to be my manager for heaven's sorry to hear bout your health concerns...that must really suck huh when you cant do as much as you want to?....I have checked out ebay and etsy some time back but haven't been there since...maybe I need to check it out huh?....that could be the motivating factor for me!...thank you for stopping by and touching bases with whats going on with you and your arts....wish you well in your endeavors....Aloha and til we chat again....Nelson

At 10:45pm on August 16, 2014, cheekyjane said…

hi Cathey...thank you for looking at my work.....the media I use is Alcohol ink pens.....think you call them markers in the US....I use Spectrum Noir pens.....xx

At 10:34am on August 12, 2014, michele josiane martin said…

hi cathey. yes it's great. we get to know one another's way of thinking rather than the outer person.

it is very cool. i think of quite a few pen-friends and online friends as true.

but you never know if people are being real i suppose but i trust. a friend once said to me (she is a true friend in the flesh btw) 'i love trust don't you?' and it's true. i do.

maybe i am gullible - i think i can tell when i am being scammed by a salesperson or something but i trust you and my online friends.

my mother wouldn't allow anyone to get close to her like this. but i'm so different.

i lay myself open.

i have been hurt of course, but look at what we get!

shell xx

At 11:29pm on August 11, 2014, Mary Page said…

Thank you for your friend request! I really enjoy how crafty you are and look forward to seeing more!

At 9:03pm on August 11, 2014, michele josiane martin said…

cathey i am so happy to make a new friend! nelson is a delight.we have a ball here. we're all friends online so welcome and join in!


At 12:09pm on August 11, 2014, Pat said…

Thank you Cathey for the friend request.

At 10:13am on August 11, 2014, michele josiane martin said…

sure, thank you. i'm a beginner, self-teaching. i've been at it only about 6 months so be gentle with me. hehe. your crafts are marvellous. i don't do any crafts but i love them just the same! your things are particularly nice. yes, there have been some things. sewing mainly.


At 2:54pm on July 31, 2014, Nelson Failing said…

Ha ha Cathey....would you believe Fantsy Bayou is my least favorite...don't like how it photographed....the colours aren't right for some reason....but thanks for the suggestions....I wasn't thinking of entering the challenge


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