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At 6:36pm on June 2, 2019, Mairi McLeod said…

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your like and interest in my pastel image.

This is oil pastel with lots of finger painting to blend the colours- I love the effect it can produce. It's fun to do as well. 

Best Wishes, Mairi

At 8:43am on March 14, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

Hi thanks Kathy. It has been mentioned about being a  children's book illustrator  and someone did say that they'd  be intrested In Using my scribbles for their next book but nothing came of it. And i done feel confident in trying to write one myself best wishes paul

At 7:30am on January 27, 2019, Adam Darr said…

Hello Kathy,

So pleased that you like Anthony Hopkins, this was done in ink with Rotering pen.


At 2:53am on December 12, 2018, Cynthia Richards said…

thank you for the comment.... I love well illustrated children's books.  Oregon's Journey is my favorite.   I work mostly with kids. I work with orphans, foster kids, kids in the kid prison system.  they have had a deep impact on me, enriched my existence....


At 10:43am on December 2, 2018, marilyn grimble said…

Thanks so much Kathy - I love painting my own Christmas cards. Mxx

At 5:22pm on November 22, 2018, DOROTHY WILSON said…

Thank you for your comments on my Botticelli paintings Kathy. Nice to know that somebody else knows and likes these works, you are few and far between! I checked out Wikimedia and now I see all the things I have done wrong. Primavera fairly shows up well in detail. Wish I had known when I started it. So thank you for that information!

At 1:06am on November 1, 2018, Bahitieva said…
Thank you so much for your comments on my painting.:):)
I used acrylic for this painting.
Wishing you a wonderful day.:):)
At 9:50am on June 7, 2018, Paul Dodd said…

Hi kathy.  Part of The call the midwife series  is filmed in chatham historic dock yard and as you walk around the place you ca  pick out  part were filmed  and they do the call the midwife tour there now. This is my sister and me  checking coal levels  I can imagine modern parent having a fit if there kids did this  and they'd  most likely  use up a pack of wet wipes cleaning us up


At 1:39pm on February 26, 2018, Mairi McLeod said…

Thanks Kathy for your like on my 3 weans in a tub !

At 9:04am on January 23, 2018, Paul Dodd said…

Thanks kathy for your comments  on my cat in a freezer . The freezer  was an AAA+ freezer which came with the highest insulation  level in the UK it was that old when my dad had one of his helpful moment with trying to fe I've it thay didnt often go well. I know I couldn't have built  her a better insulated  house without spending a lot of money. There were cat sized holes on each level you can make it out on the middle floor at the back. So she could move about  and I had a selection  on bulbs that I used heat and light that kept it  nice and toasty for her the biggest issue was having a bulb that didnt  make it to hot inside She had just given up at our house but my son taking her on has given her a new lease of life. we were sad to let her go but it was for her best intrest. 

At 1:18pm on January 22, 2018, Mairi McLeod said…

Kiyomizu-dera bad typing today!

At 1:11pm on January 22, 2018, Mairi McLeod said…

Dear Kathy,

You are correct, it is not the Golden Temple it is the Kiyamizu-dera temple, Kyoto. I had used a photo for reference and just got confused. Well done for spotting it though.

Water based oils are similar to acrylics though they are oil based, they are not harmful to the environment and so brushes etc. only require water or soapy water for cleaning.

I have a starter kit but will be getting more as I like the effect.

I was only in Kyoto once on an adventure from Fukushima prefecture but I have many fond memories of my time in Japan.

Thanks for your interest,

Mairi x

At 11:44am on October 25, 2017, Paul Dodd said…

Hi Kathy I did wheee with a acrylic paints  I flip between watercolour and acrylic . I only did one oil painting when I first started painting two and a half years ago and as I'm a messy painter so got in a stated and the smell and long drying time put me of...the only reason I can see for recording the whole of an event is doing for someone who to sick to attention. I can't see the point otherwise in going to a live event and the viewing it through a screen

At 8:18am on September 25, 2017, Paul Dodd said…

Hi Kathy as I was born in 1958 I had the great freedom  that most of us had at that time , even my children born in the 1980's had a great deal of freedom which came to an abrupt halt after we learned pedophiles living opposite us and another group around the bend to us

With social media and the way the TV news is run now I think parents are a lot more aware of the risks now and sadly it has restricted the movement of the children of today although the risks haven't changed much . I'm afraid in the UK to much  energy has been put into rehabilitation of these people and it seems to have been put above the safety of the children

At 9:47am on September 9, 2017, Ed Holland said…

thanks Kathy,                                                                                                                         in answer to your questions, almost all my work is done in graphite because, for me, it is quicker than any other medium (except perhaps acrylics) and, at my age, that is very important. Had I come to  art proper a few years before 2006 which is when I retired at 69 years of age, then I have no doubt that I could have donated more of my time to other mediums and would, I think, probably become more proficient, either in coloured pencils or inks. The rose was done in coloured ink and I enjoyed the result but it took me many hours compared to my two hour, on average, works in graphite. My other favourite is the grey ranges of Prismacolor, cool, warm, and French grey, and I have done many works using just those greys, great for human portraits and animals alike. Thanks again and I hope I have answered your queries. Have a good weekend      Ed

At 3:31am on August 14, 2017, Stephanie Rubin said…

Your profiles show such emotion! Your use of shading brings the faces to express such feeling.  Nicely done!

At 12:32pm on June 11, 2017, Ed Holland said…

hi Kathy,  many thanks. I usually copy from photos but am not always controlled by them, some I follow faithfully, especially detailed ones, while others, like the scribble, I just go with the flow and hope it turns out OK.   Have a good day.    Ed

At 6:28pm on May 5, 2017, John Andreou said…

A really nice se of paintings again Kathy x

At 1:14pm on April 30, 2017, Paul Dodd said…

Thanks kathy  for your comments on Big Ben I try and get quick sketches done while sitting somewhere and having a coffee I tend to end up drinking a lot of cold coffee .  I have carried water colours but have only got my nerve up a couple of times when it was very quiet .. i think theres more chance of me looking back at sketches than photos

At 7:17am on April 20, 2017, Nelson Failing said…

Aloha Kathy.....I thought you were new to TAC....didnt recognize your name....glad you found your way here....thank you for sharing your awesome collection of paintings....theyre all so beautiful.....and colourful too.....enjoy your time here....see you back in the gallery and cant wait to see more of your delightful art....


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