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At 9:27am on October 18, 2019, Martin Watkins said…

Thank you Dorothy

At 8:27pm on October 10, 2019, John Melhuish said…

Thank you for commenting on my painting Parked Gondolas.  Yes it is watercolour.

At 6:42pm on October 9, 2019, Martin Watkins said…

Thankyou Dorothy. Very much appreciate your comments

At 2:03pm on October 3, 2019, Martin Watkins said…

Hi Dorothy, just to let you know they loved the picture of Sophie. They were so pleased they had a tear and paid way over the asking price . For me though the money is worthless compared to the reaction. Thats why we do it isn't it.

At 11:02am on October 1, 2019, Martin Watkins said…

Thanks Dorothy. It's a commission snd the owners are driving up tomorrow yo see it. Fingers crossed !!

At 9:56am on September 13, 2019, Martin Watkins said…

Thankyou Dorothy.  Yes great show.

At 11:28am on September 10, 2019, Lyn Pilgrim said…

Hi Dorothy sorry to hear you have health problems it's no fun getting older is it ? That's the best thing to do concentrating on things we can do rather than things we can't art certainly helps doesn't it ? Take care, Lyn xx

At 10:32am on September 8, 2019, Lyn Pilgrim said…

Thank you Dorothy for leaving a comment on my NapTime. It was from a special photo we had of our Poppy & baby Sam & the only time she allowed him near her. Sam so wanted to be friends with her but she just didn't want to know. It was sad as she was great friends with our other Goldie Jasper. Hope you are keeping well still a Johnny Depp fan, are you ? LOL Lyn x

At 8:52am on September 2, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

Thank for the likes and comment on my scribbled

At 10:48am on August 30, 2019, Adam Darr said…

Beautifully done Dorothy, thank you for liking “ The man who shot Liberty Valance “


At 1:28pm on August 29, 2019, Lyn Pilgrim said…

Hi Dorothy thank you for leaving a comment on my Ben & Ivy. hope you are keeping well, Lyn x

At 10:36pm on August 12, 2019, Martin Watkins said…

Yes I know what you mean Dorothy. Just to have a tiny fragment of that talent and ability would be great ! I've never been to a proper gallery but I remember as a youngster standing and staring at the portraits hanging in Longleat house, (just down the road from me), and being awestruck. Still am... haha.

At 5:52pm on August 12, 2019, Martin Watkins said…

Hi Dorothy and thank you for your great comments. The artists name is Alexander Roslin. Apparently he was a Swedish portrait painter, unfortunately not one that I have heard of before !

At 6:38pm on July 31, 2019, Martin Watkins said…

Thankyou Dorothy. I think she had a certain 'look' throughout her life. Even here at 88 years old you can still see it.

At 2:02pm on July 22, 2019, Diana Heater said…

Hi Dorthy, thank you for your comment on my caged drawing. I hope my country & the world can get so sanity about itself before it is too late. I think trump is the cause of a lot of it. Hopefully he will be out & in jail after the next election, if not before.

I just viewed your lovely gallery. I really like all of it, especially the sunshine in your landscapes & flowers. quite lovely work

At 6:42am on July 21, 2019, Laurel Nichols said…

Thank you Dorothy for your kind comment on my artwork :)

At 7:50pm on July 11, 2019, Adam Darr said…

Hello Dorothy,

Thank you so much for your comments, my output of art is always very low in summer due to the fact I love gardening as much as art. With limited sunshine in UK so I try to spend much time as possible out there.


At 6:02pm on July 11, 2019, Martin Watkins said…

Thank you very much Dorothy. I'm usually ok with the faces (mostly),  and I'm trying to get better at the other bits such as clothing and the like so your comment is much appreciated.

At 5:38pm on May 27, 2019, Paul Dodd said…

It's always worth a try especially with you husband being invalided  out because a night jump ,  that would be right up the top of my  request  page about the night jump. injuries.

My nephew  did your of Afghanistan  his injuries are ptsd and  theres hardly a month were  he isnt being  flown on some trip  by either by the legion or help for heros

Most bigger scooters go 8mph and 4 mph and you can only go 4 mph on a footpath. The is a man who has a. Illegal  16mph scooter in town and he goes flat out on the pavement

At 12:10pm on May 13, 2019, Martin Watkins said…

Thanks Dorothy. My throry is that I think it must have been the fashion to paint people in the same style at that time.  If you go back a bit further to Carravaggios time the people looked relatively normal. Only a theory though.


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