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*New* 'In Your Style' Challenge - Water Lilies

Started this discussion. Last reply by michele josiane martin Jun 17, 2014. 117 Replies

Water LiliesNymphaeaceae /ˌnɪmfiːˈeɪsiː/ is a family of flowering plants. Members of this…READ MORE


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About Me...

Hello - and welcome to a glimpse into the world of me...

Imagine if you had a looking glass with mystical powers that allowed you to glimpse the colourful magick filled world that exists all around you...​​Now you do…

Welcome to the landscape of my imagination.

I have always been deeply connected to the spirit realm and as a child I knew that I saw the world differently than most - as I can see the connections between all living things as represented in vibrant colours and patterns. I have always been able to see what I call ‘beyond’ reality – and when I was a child and young adult I just chalked this up to a very active imagination.  In my ‘adult’ life I got a nursing degree – and was an Emergency Room Nurse (A&E nurse) as well as a PACU (post surgical recovery  unit nurse) for 15 years – I have had up close and intimate experiences with all things involving spirit realms and that which connects us as human beings with ‘the other side’ that coexists in our reality and can be seen by those who are open enough to ‘see’.  I did not gain understanding of what my ‘vision’ was until I explored putting what I see down on paper after working out all of the blocks to the channel between inner vision and outer expression in the form of art over a couple of decades in various forms of ‘art’ and ‘craft’ exploration.  So my art is what was produced to personify the spiritual connection we have with all living things and illustrates the energies of the magic that surrounds us in patterns of colour and light, interwoven and ever changing with our individual energy fields created by thoughts and feelings and projected to the great river that makes up the connections to and with all living things.


I have always been an artist though and as a child and into adulthood and all through my nursing career I would express myself by doing pen and ink 'doodles' - this is the first form of 'art' that I discovered.  While in school as a child you could find evidence of this budding craft all over the books and notebooks I was supposed to be learning from.  Sometimes this 'art' spilled over to shoes, or clothing, or even my hands or arms.  I have always found comfort in repetitive shapes or 'doodles' - and as I began to get more and more lost into the artform - I realized what a great meditative activity it is.  There is a whole school created on the concept of doodling and meditative drawings (‘zentangling’).  I have combined those ideals with my own artistic eye as well as patterns I love from all manner of art from nature, to spirit, to henna patterns and mandalla art. Sacred geometry can be seen in all of creation in nature, and I try to represent this in my art. 

I watched my art do a huge evolution when I visited some spiritual places that allowed for my vision of the world, and the spirit of places to take an even different turn as the channel between my inner vision and my outer expression in artform opened up.  My visit to Glastonbury is what opened that doorway for me from what was in my mind and how I see the world to something I could express on paper in several different mediums.  This is when my work became much more filled with colour and intricate patterns, as this visit allowed for me to release years, perhaps lifetimes, of ‘karmic sludge’ through art as a medium, and what evolved from there can be seen in a marked difference in my earlier endeavors to the present representations.  I have little of my ‘old’ art displayed online, but hang onto it and cherish it for the journey it represents.  I do have some of this artistic journey evidenced in art journals and old portfolios.  I never throw away a piece of art ;)  and often will rework or incorporate an older piece into some of my new ones. 

My ‘Glastonbury experience’ significantly changed both my life and my art in so many ways.  Glastonbury is a small town in Somerset, England, and is notable for myths and legends often related to Glastonbury Tor, concerning Joseph of Arimathea (Jesus’ of the Bible’s uncle), the Holy Grail and King Arthur.  In some Arthurian literature Glastonbury is identified with the legendary Isle of Avalon. 

I visited Glastonbury for the first time in 2010 and though the visit was a part of my first holiday to England, I felt that I'd come 'home' instantly.  I was fortunate enough to visit this sacred site again in 2011 to find an even deeper connection to the energies that can only be described as "The Glastonbury Experience".  I have always been deeply connected to the spirit realm as well as the spirit of the Earth herself.  Some of my earliest memories are of visions and visitors from other times and dimensions, as well as interaction with the many spirits and energies that are a part of the wonderful planet we dwell and coexist on – Gaia.  I did not fully understand these visions until I came back to Glastonbury and reconnected with the amazing energies of this sacred site.  There are no words adequate enough in human language to describe the beauty, vibrant landscape, and deep spiritual connection of Glastonbury.  I have communicated the best way I know how - and that is to give you a glimpse of how I 'see' the world and the impact of those deep spiritual experiences had upon me portrayed in vibrant colour and patterns that connect us all to each other and to the spirit of Gaia herself.


From time to time I will use quotes or words incorporated into art with the same patterns and colours that to me represent the words – or the feelings that I want the words to portray for the viewer. Words are magic.  From the dawn of language we have used words to express our innermost wants, needs, desires, history and lessons – but first we used art.  We chant, and sing and pray with words – in ancient history it was a privilege to be able to read and write and considered an art of magic.  Ancient cave paintings show how ‘man’ first expressed himself – in the form of art, painted under firelit conditions where the images would seem to dance and move in the flickering light.  I have combined both the art of words, and images and colours to represent those words in a series I call ‘Word Magic’.  The Word Magic Series is a collection of images that were created around a specific quote or theme.  They are intended to serve as much more than a pretty piece of art on the wall - their intention is for the viewer to absorb the magic of the words interwoven with each piece.  This is a singular journey that will be different for each individual viewer.  This the form I am currently using in my art journaling – quotes or key words as an aspect of a piece of art that represents a part of my personal journey. 


I have found that ‘art’ is an ever evolving  thing, and I thoroughly enjoy exploring new techniques and mediums.  Some of my most rewarding ‘discoveries’ have been when I have been in a position of a low art ‘budget’ and have to be resourceful in supplies, cost, etc.  This is when a plain take away lid becomes a canvas, and ‘junk’ mail and food cartons become items hoarded and treasured for future projects that are always brewing in the artist’s mind and internal file of ‘must try next’ .  The odd boot sale (garage sale) find of a huge and ugly picture painted on a nice canvas for under $1 is the ‘golden egg’ of the season as visions of art to create dance within our sometimes overly active imaginations.  Life then becomes art – people passing, random quips of conversation, the sights, smells, sounds of ‘life’ all become a part of future artistic endeavors. 


I love the Picasso quote: “All children are artists.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – this is SO true.  Life, ‘school’, and society try to teach us to ‘colour in the lines’…I was fortunate enough to come from a long line of creative people – artists, wood carvers, hair dressers, musicians, writers, and cooks.  I was encouraged to colour outside of the lines, express myself in colour , dress and word – and to live an artistic life, perhaps even a shade Bohemian (Viva la vie Boheme!).  I tried to raise my children in the same manner….but even with the freedom of this type of upbringing society tries to instill in us a conformity that goes against the grain of most of our inner souls as not just artists but human beings.  Life IS a work of art.  It took until I hit 40 to come out of the artist and spiritual closet and be able to express my Self as fully as I ‘see’ it within. 


Some of my life’s mantras – much easier expressed in art than in written word:


“You were once wild here.  Don’t let them tame you.” ~Isadora Duncan


…and from Alice in Wonderland (Daisy) “…do you suppose she’s a wildflower?”


And most importantly my favorite quote:  “She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.”  (unknown author) – a FACT that my husband can attest to.  He has finally gotten used to finding glitter in the most ‘random’ (not to an artist) of places along with random bits of colour, material, and paper that somehow get strewn everywhere and on everything – especially since one of my muse’s comes in the form of a 12 week old overly curious and obviously artistic kitten named Indy.  She will soon have a few ‘paintings’ (scatty cat mode through the paint palate moment) of her own. 

This last year has found me ‘changing lanes’ in my life (I call these ‘plot twists’ in the novel of my life) – as I am moving from the working single mother phase of my life – to the empty nested newlywed who now lives in London and is able to pursue her ‘art’ as a career but not all too concerned about profit – although on a ‘shoestring’ budget – we’ve not yet reached the ‘starving’ artist phase.  It has allowed me to pursue a dream of living a much ‘greener’ life – as most everything that I create has some if not all elements of recycled or repurposed items.  I go ‘urban foraging’ often – visiting shops and asking for ‘trash’ (ie tile shops, hardware stores, charities) as there is a lot of stuff thrown out that is of wonderful use to the financially strapped arts and crafter, or anyone really.  Most of my current projects are being created out of items I have paid no more for but the adventure of dumpster diving and alley combing and getting to know local shop owners– as well as ‘found’ items that become pieces of multi-media pieces such as bottle caps, keys, bolts, discarded umbrellas, etc etc…I even make ‘clay’ and cat litter out of recycled, shredded paper from local businesses – handmade paper and art inclusions, stencils, etc from the discarded flower clippings from a florist across the street.  You can make art out of nearly everything.  We (currently my husband and I) are starting a budding artist’s coop with these resources…offering advertising for the local businesses who provide us with our materials for art, infusing commerce back into the local community where the building blocks of change for a better ‘tomorrow’ begin.  I guess you could call me a new age hippy ;)  We are building towards creating a self-sustaining community of earth ships that will offer earth medicine healing, and education on how to live with the earth – not just on her.  Seminars and retreats themed with everything from art, to nutrition, cleansing, healing, meditation, crystal therapy, writing, music venues and everything in between will be available on site.  As well as a planned flea market style set of ‘shop fronts’ on the property to sell and barter/trade items produced by the land and artisans and members of the community. 


Our website – which is functional but currently under construction and will have future events and available items as time goes by, as well as news about future endeavors and projects.  Also included in my art portfolios is a series of somewhat adult themed black and whites – or ‘tangles’ as well as a few paintings with landscapes represented in partial nudity, or intricate lingerie patterns with sexy bits poking out – none of it is inappropriate, although I am unable to post it on this site due to the strict ning policy in this regard (a good thing).  Please take the time to visit the website if you’re interested in other pieces of art, current projects and show locations and dates, and soon to come ideas and tutorial videos – and downloads for templates of zentangles ready to customize with detailed instructions on pattern creations, composition, colouring techniques and supply resources.  My husband is a photographer and has a very keen artistic eye in his perspective and composition – making for a very unique photo shoot of venues and events.  I also am available for bespoke items of any type in my art – ie wall murals, shop signs, altered book journals and albums, event invitations and personal greeting cards, etc. 


Thanks for coming by to ‘get to know’ me – message with any questions, and since I’m a ‘newbie’ to this site would welcome anyone who’d like to ‘friend’ request me.  My blog, discussion, and general activity on the site will be busy as I’ve honed down my social network involvement to just a few art communities and art journaling sites – as that is my ‘current’ passion.  I will have one of a kind art journals available that are created from antique books found and purchased, along with other unique items as tags, tabs, covers, etc – I will also have available the ability to order bespoke journals and albums.  Currently I am working on several atlas sized books containing old maps of countries and cities – these will be embellished and contain areas to journal on spreads I’ve done original pieces of art onto, and can come in a package of similarly or custom themed inclusions such as tabs, pockets, tags, blank journaling cards, and tins, etc.  I am taking a break from creating to sell – to just immerse myself into this new medium for me, altered books and doing large scale collage art journals –  I am developing techniques, etc.  I love this phase of creation – the discovery part! 


With Love and Glitter,


Aka Pixie Gigi



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At 12:00am on April 19, 2014, Margaret Hamm (Maggie) said…

Hi Alisa,  Someone suggested that I contact you as I am looking for some posts that where made in a discussion a while back, a few months maybe, about where to find free stuff to use in mixed media. There were places on the Internet as well as companies you could contact for samples, just different free things.  Anyway this person thought you might know where it was.  I have searched through so many conversations and can't find the topic. People put down a bunch of links.  If you know how to find this, as I see you collect found objects also, I would appreciate if you would let me know.  You can send it to my email if you do as I seem to have a problems of finding my way back to things on the site.  It is:   Thanks, Maggie

At 7:51pm on February 10, 2014, Kat said…

Thank you, Alisa!

At 7:44pm on February 10, 2014, Kat said…

Thank you, so much Alisa!

At 2:47pm on February 8, 2014, Rook said…

I got here! The Hallelujah chorus is playing in my head! Thanks for the invite and talk to you soon. Love you !! xoxox

At 4:32am on January 29, 2014, Justine Javes said…

Amazing, stunning, colorful, vibrant and alive. I read your spiritual connections. I find it fascinating that it inspires your artwork. You must see the world in a much different "light" than most of us. Create on, girl!

At 4:04am on January 12, 2014, Nelson Failing said…

Hey Alisa...Im glad my work inspires you to create more artworks...your works are jus stunning and I would love to see more...I am trying to get back into art mode too so I am trying to get the spark

At 4:06pm on January 11, 2014, Nelson Failing said…

Aloha Alisa....thank you for the friend is an honour and a pleasure...looking forward to getting to know you and seeing more of your fabulous art...take care and have a great artsy kinda day....Nelson

At 9:17pm on January 1, 2014, Pat said…

Hello Alisa , welcome!  We have a great group of artists on the site, hope you enjoy it!
Best Wishes, Pat  (Moderator)

At 9:14pm on December 31, 2013, sharon oppenheimer said…

Welcome to the Art Colony, Alisa !  If you have any art-related questions, please feel free to post in the forums or groups, where your fellow artists will be happy to help you out. When you get the chance, it would be fun to see some of your art. I love your profile picture. Is this one of yours?  Above all, enjoy the site! 

At 8:09pm on December 31, 2013, Thaneeya McArdle said…

Hi Alisa, and welcome to the Art Colony!  I hope you enjoy the site - there's a lot to explore here, so have a look around and make yourself at home. You'll find plenty of art and inspiration!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do feel free to contact any of the moderators.

Be sure to read through the Member Guidelines, which explains things like what type of art you can post and what you can't - for instance, nudes and photography are not permitted.

We've also put together a handy Guide to Getting Started, which may help answer any questions you may have, such as how to create a bio for your page.

Most of all have fun and join in the forums and groups!  Can't wait to see your art. :)

Best Wishes, Thaneeya (Moderator)

Alisa Manning's Blog

Off the Net

Posted on March 18, 2014 at 5:16pm 0 Comments

Recently we've lost home internet. We have wifi at the library, when space is available, but there is not the ability to upload any images at this time. I am also very limited on communication until we get our home internet back...didn't have the ability to write to individuals who may be wondering about what happened to me...just wanted to put a note here to say I'm kind of off the net temporarily.


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